Some People Say That Crime Rate Nowadays Is Decreasing Due To Advances In Technology

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According to some people, technology is used as a means of committing crime while others insist that the crime rates will dwindle as technology advances. Although I do admit that technology can aid crime to an extent, in my opinion, it eventually helps to lower / reduce the crime rates.

On the one hand, criminals as well as police take advantage of modern technology. To be specific, while technology makes it easy for the police to nab / catch criminals, it also enables criminals to execute their nefarious plans with greater precision. Cyber crime is an example of this. By hacking people’s personal devices such as laptops or mobile phones, fraudsters can steal their financial information and wipe their bank accounts clean. Social media accounts also run the risk of getting hacked and misused. Criminals are befriending gullible strangers on social media and exploiting them in various ways. Thus, technology in modern times obviously facilitates many types of crimes.

Even so, in my opinion, technology also has the power to reduce crime rates. The deployment of CCTV cameras on streets and offices has curbed crime to a great extent. Criminals are aware that cameras are tracking their every move round the clock and this makes them wary of committing crime. Advancements in forensic technology have also enabled investigators to solve criminal cases with greater accuracy. New scanning technologies make it impossible for criminals to hide their true identity and thus enable the police to catch the real culprit. Obviously, advanced technology plays a crucial role in preventing and solving crime.

In conclusion, technology can facilitate some crimes but at the same time, it prevents or solves more crimes. Technology makes it easy for investigators to catch the culprits and thus it instils fear in the mind of potential criminals. Hence, I believe advanced technology is definitely beneficial for alleviating the crime rate.

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