Road Transport Is Taking Over The Rail Services As The Main Means Of Transportation

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These days, rail transport is becoming less popular and is being replaced by other modes of transport like roadways. While this might help governments save some initial capital, in my opinion, it is largely a negative development.

Constructing roads is less expensive than constructing railways. This is perhaps the only major benefit of favouring roadways. Roads can also reach the nook and corner of the country and connect it better. On the flip side, automobiles that run on roads pollute the air. In all countries where roadways are being used more frequently than railways, pollution is a massive issue. This is because cars and buses run on petrol or diesel which release poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Consequently, the over dependence on roadways is harmful for the environment. Also, road transport is more expensive than rail transport. Consequently, when goods and services are delivered via roads, they will become more expensive.

Railways, on the other hand, may be expensive to build but they are less harmful to the environment. Most trains these days run on electricity or magnetism and hence they do not pollute the train. Also, a single train carry several hundred people or huge amounts of goods. This makes railway transport cheaper than road transport.

In short, when roadways replace railways as the primary means of transport in a country, it will affect air quality and lead to an increase in the price of essential goods and services. Overall, this is a negative development.

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