IELTS Report Sample | Process Of Manufacturing Instant Noodles

The diagram shows how instant noodles are manufactured. Summarise the information.

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Band 8 IELTS report sample

The diagram illustrates the process of manufacturing instant noodles. Overall, the flour is processed to make noodles which are then packed in cups. In addition to the noodles, some vegetables and spices are added to the cups before they are sealed.

The flour which is brought by trucks is stored in the silos. It is then transferred to a mixer. Water and oil are added to the flour and all the raw ingredients are allowed to mix. Once all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, rollers are used to make sheets of dough. These are then converted to strips. Finally, the dough strips are rolled to make noodle discs.

These noodle discs are then cooked in oil, after which they are allowed to dry. Once they are dry, they are packed in cups. In addition to the noodles, vegetables and spices are added to the cups. These cups are then sealed and labelled. This completes the process and they are ready to ship.

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