IELTS letter sample

IELTS Letter Topic

Your friend is thinking about learning to drive and would like some advice.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • say why a driving license is advantageous
  • recommend a driving school
  • give any extra guidance/ tips

Sample letter

Hi John,

Thank you very much for your last letter. It was great to hear from you after all these months. I am glad to hear that you are planning to learn driving. In my opinion, you should have learned this skill years ago. Better late than never.

As you know, there are very many benefits to having a driver’s license. It gives you a great deal of freedom. When you can drive your own car, you don’t have to depend on the public transport.

If you haven’t already chosen a driving school, I really feel that you should consider the Becks Academy. They have the best trainers in town. Also, they have a wide range of cars to choose from. You can choose the model you own. This will be quite helpful to you when you start driving your own vehicle.

Before you start your lessons, I would like to offer some tips and advice. Don’t believe that you will be a skilled driver as soon as you finish the course. It takes several months to master the art. So don’t lose heart if you feel that you aren’t making enough progress. Drive slowly. I would suggest that you avoid highways until you become confident of your skills. Accidents are common in our area so you have to be very careful.

I hope you will have a great learning experience.

All the best



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