Generation of Electricity Using Geothermal Energy

Sample report

The image outlines the various processes involved in the production of electricity in a geothermal power plant. Overall, the process begins with the injection of cold water into the geothermal zones and ends with the generation of electricity from the steam. First of all, cold water is pumped down a narrow pipe into a depth of 4.5 km. Thus it reaches the injection well which is located in the geothermal zone of hot rocks. Hot rocks convert the cold water into hot water. This hot water is then transferred to the production well. From the production well, the hot water is pumped into the condenser by a wide pipe. The condenser converts the hot water into steam. This steam turns the turbine. The rotation of the turbine enables the generator connected to it to generate electricity. This electricity is then transmitted to the power grid from where it is transferred to homes and factories.

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