Environmental Damage Is The Problem Of Most Countries

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Environmental degradation is one of the most pressing problems in many nations around the world. Rapid urbanization and industrialization are the main causes of this development. Industries, individuals as well as governments have the responsibility to tackle this issue.

Environmental damage is the main side effect of industrialization. Factories release harmful gases and effluents. They damage air and water bodies. Excessive combustion of fossil fuels is another factor affecting the environment. In many countries, factories run on thermal energy. This energy is obtained by burning coal which is also an important cause of air pollution. Urbanization is another factor damaging the environment. More and more people are moving to cities. In order to accommodate them and to cater to their traveling roads, more houses and wider roads need to be built. Too much construction activity hurts the environment. Huge amounts of sand, rocks and steel are required to build homes, roads and bridges. Excessive sand mining has already endangered many rivers. Quarrying is equally bad. It is leading to devastating consequences like earthquakes and landslides.

Environmental issues cannot be solved by individuals or governments alone. Joint efforts of all the parties concerned are required. People can help to save the environment by limiting their consumption. They should reuse and recycle products whenever possible. In addition, individuals should take public transport to reduce their carbon footprint. Governments should come up with stringent laws that enforce industries to conform to emission norms. There should be strict laws that require industries to properly treat their waste before releasing it to the environment. Factories that release harmful gases or liquids should be penalized and their license revoked.

To conclude, a variety of factors including industrialization, urbanization and combustion of fossil fuels lead to environmental damage. Only through the joint efforts of individuals, industries and governments can this problem be solved.

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