Average Daily Sales Of Selected Food Items At Brisk Cafe

Sample report

The graph illustrates how many servings of different food items were sold per day on average at the Brisk Cafe during summer and winter. It can be seen that during winter hot coffee was the most popular item followed by soup whereas during summer, iced coffee and ice creams enjoyed the most demand.  On average, the cafe sold 75 servings of hot coffee a day during the winter months. During summer, only 30 servings of hot coffee were sold. Iced coffee had hardly any takers in winter and they sold fewer than 2 servings per day. Interestingly, there was not much drop in the popularity of ice creams during winter. While the cafe sold about 35 servings of ice creams a day during summer, its sale certainly dipped during winter but by only a small margin. Even during winter, on average, 25 servings of ice creams were being sold per day. Soup was considerably popular during winter with 50 servings being sold per day.  In summer, its sales dipped by half to 25 servings per day. Salads were the only food item whose demand remained the same throughout the year. In both summer and winter, the cafe sold 25 servings of salads per day.

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