Nowadays Many Young People Deliberately Damage Public Places | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Nowadays many young people deliberately damage public places. What are the causes and solutions?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

The incidents where the public properties are damaged by youngsters are on the rise. This is mainly caused by the lack of awareness among young people and inadequate law enforcement. There are many feasible solutions that should be implemented to protect the public spaces from such damages.

One of the major reasons why young people harm the public infrastructure is their lack of commitment towards society. Many youngsters believe that maintaining the public areas is a responsibility of the state authorities. As they are unaware that safeguarding these areas is a part of their moral responsibility, they sometimes damage them. Take Taj Mahal, for example. Despite the notices put up by the government that defacing the property is a punishable offense, there are many areas which are damaged by the visitors. Another key reason is the lack of law and order. Inadequate police patrolling encourages the youngster to harm these places. Even though the delinquents are caught, the police can be easily bribed and criminals can escape punishment.

There are various plausible remedies for this. First, there must be stricter community policing in these areas. Since it may not be possible for the government to deploy adequate cops in all public places, community members should come forward to volunteer and enlighten visitors about the importance of conserving monuments and other public places. Additionally, when the delinquents are caught defacing the public areas, the police should impose a stricter punishment. Secondly, it is also the responsibility of schools and parents to teach the importance of treating public properties with utmost respect. For instance, in Canada and the USA, there is an individual subject on social conduct and moral responsibility in school. These countries, therefore, report very few cases of this kind.

To conclude, the issue of damaging public areas stems from lack of social awareness and commitment among the youngsters and weak rules and regulations. This issue can be resolved only through stricter community policing and awareness campaigns.

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