Young People These Days Tend To Be Less Polite And Respectful | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Young people these days tend to be less polite and respectful than in the past. Discuss the causes and give solutions.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Moral values such as being polite and treating others with respect are important. However, nowadays, the youngsters are showing a disdain for such values. They often speak rudely and behave arrogantly. This essay will discuss the root causes of this problem and also suggest some measures to counter it.

Lack of parental supervision is the main problem affecting the behaviour of young people. Firstly, because of their hectic work schedules, parents do not have enough time to impart moral values to their children. Earlier family members used to spend a lot of time together and thus it was easier to pass on family values to the young generation. This is no longer the case. In many families now both parents work and television has assumed the role of baby sitter. Consequently, children have no one to correct the lapses in their behaviour. Movies, in particular, have a terrific impact on them. Oftentimes they use vulgar language and glamourize immoral conduct. Children who grow up watching such movies assume that it is perfectly all right to be rude to everyone.

Nevertheless, the problem is still manageable if parents can find a few hours to be with their children. Young children have highly impressionable minds. If parents make a conscious effort to correct the flaws in their children’s conduct from an early age, they will grow up into respectful adults who do not throw their weight around. It is equally important for parents to resist the temptation to be overindulgent. When children behave impolitely, they should be punished in appropriate ways to send home the message that such behaviour is not acceptable. Parents should also check who their children are hanging out with after school and what they are watching on TV. Telling moral stories to very young children is also a great way to ensure that they learn values.

In conclusion, children are like pieces of clay that can be molded into any shape. By teaching them appropriate behaviour from a very young age, parents can raise them into polite individuals who treat others with respect and kindness.  

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Young people of current generation behave in a rude and discourteous manner with others unlike in the past. This essay discusses the reason for this situation and suggests a possible solution.

In today’s world, individualistic culture with less socializing is more prevalent and that is the reason why younger generation disrespect other people in the society. This is because kids are raised in a nuclear family, so they give more importance to their own feelings, thoughts, and well-being. In addition to that they expect more privacy and independence in doing their work. If somebody interrupts with some opinion or advise, intolerance makes them express their dissatisfaction immediately irrespective of their age factor and position. Also, there is chance that it might turn into violence. Nowadays, it is common read news headlines about youngsters demonstrating violent behaviour at home, colleges and workplaces.

Parents are more responsible for raising their children. Even if they are in a nuclear family they can teach their kids good social values and respect for others from their early stages. Children should be raised in such a way that they are open to others’ feedback and criticism. Based on that, they should be able to differentiate between the good and bad things. So, when they mature, they conduct themselves as a good person in the society and even transfer these human values to their next generation.

To conclude, individualistic lifestyle and intolerance make the younger people disrespect others in the society. If their parents teach them good behavior from their childhood days, this issue can be tackled.

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2 Responses

  1. Farhi says:

    Over the recent years decorum between young individuals around the globe seems to be disappearing as compared to past. There are various reasons of this phenomenon and this essay shall discuss the reasons and provide some appropriate solutions in the forthcoming coming paragraphs.

    Virtues between the young adults are no longer observed and prime issue behind it the working parents, these days both men and women are the bread winner of the house and major hours being spent in the office and less to children and hence this makes children netizen and learned irrelevant behavior from series.
    Another reason is the family system , these days acknowledgement has been done by the Oxford university that majority of the family are getting nuclear as couples are moving to metropolis for better standard of living family thereby proper nourishment are not getting to kids for which they are legitimate.Also family affairs are necessary so that offsprings can get mingle with each other in order to maintain love and care but the protocols are departed and young youth are more interested to spend their time alone and henceforth virtues are getting erased.

    Nevertheless, parents do not abandoned the child when comes to nourishment and it is never late to learn anything and so with children virtues, parents should keep eagle’s eye on the child acts if they are caught up with blunder it is the responsibility of the guardian to correct the mistake and make them understand of right and wrong. Moreover grand parents are the excellent source when it comes to upbringing, a child should be taken to grand parents house oftently so that they can spend some quality time with their loved ones. Furthermore, limit is to be given by the parents to watch tv or web series as the media is the top notch source to spoil children.

    To recapitulate, etiquettes are necessary as it showcase morals and values of the family and even of the country while visiting any other country and it is the core duty of the parents to teach virtues to the children.

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