Young People Should Be Encouraged To Leave Home When They Become Adults | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

It is considered by some that young people should be encouraged to leave home when they become adults; others say that it is better if they remain with family as long as possible. Discuss both view and your opinion.

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, youngsters should be motivated to leave their home and live on their own when they become adults. However, others believe that young people should stay with their families as long as possible. I personally opine that it is a wise decision to leave home at the beginning of one’s career, provided that one does not have any dependent family members. Now, I will discuss both the views in upcoming paragraphs.

Encouraging young people to leave their homes and be on their own is definitely a common trend seen nowadays and there are various reasons to support this argument. First, better job opportunities are available when people move to cities or other countries. This, therefore, helps in their career development and broadens their career prospects. Second, people become independent in addition to being confident and mature, when they leave their homes and live at far places. For example, now they learn to take decisions on their own, both personally and professionally, considering their growth and goals .

On the other hand, living with families has its own advantages which cannot be overlooked. First, people can remain under the guidance of their parents and elder members of house and develop qualities like respect, caring attitude towards them. This consequently helps them to stay connected to the roots of our culture and values. For example, studies have shown that adults who live in their families are more emotionally attached to them as compared to ones who live at distant places. Second, they can provide mental and emotional support to their parents whenever they need it.

However, in my opinion, although it is necessary for an individual to be career-orientated and independent in this competitive world, it should not be at the expense of your family and if  they are  dependent on you, it is better to stay with them and find an alternative to grow professionally and financially in your hometown. To conclude, there are certainly benefits to leaving home and being on one’s own. However, if your family is dependent on you, it is better to stay with them so that you can take better care of your needs.

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2 Responses

  1. Dilpreet Sran says:

    Certainly, in this materialistic world youngsters want to become wealthy.A part of globe opines that adults should motivated to left their houses, however,others say that they should live with their family.I agree with the latter perspective.

    To initiate with, young generation should live independently so that they can learn not only how to take decisions precisely but also how to spend money wisely. As a result, they would become economically as well as emotionally powerful. To cite an example, in most of the western countries youngsters have to work after they attain a particular age,thereby they have more career prospects.

    On the other side, adults should stay with their familes so that they can learn moral and ethical values from their parents and grandparents,which helps them in their future, eventually they end up with good etiquettes and become a good citizen of country.For example, grandparents have vast experience of life and young ones can learn a lot of skills from their grandparents which can not acquired when they would live independently.

    In my perspective,young generation should live with their family because family members depend on each other not only economically but also emotionally.Youngsters are the hope of parents so that they face no money problems in future. Moreover, all family members are spiritually attached with each other,when one get ill others take care of him so traits like caring, kindness etectra are only learn at home with family.

    To sum up, although drifting apart from family has given adults a good life but one can never learn moral values and good behavior like caring, kindness without a family.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. There were so many mistakes in the introduction. Actually, my first thought after reading the introduction was that this was another band 6 essay. Just paraphrase the given task in the introduction. The body paragraphs were better.

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