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This essay was submitted by one of our students. It may contain spelling and grammar mistakes. It is merely provided as a sample.

Band 7 essay sample


Some say that young and energetic employees are the most valuable for the company; others argue that older employees have more experience and knowledge. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples, based on you own experience.


Today the employment scenario, the world over, is more diverse than ever. Along with people from different origins and different genders, young and elderly people also make the workforce very diverse. So the debate as who bring more value to business , the your or the old employees, is quite obvious.

It is quite natural that young blood brings fresh ideas and hence leads innovations. Today innovations are one of the most required elements of any business. Many a times young people bring novelty in the way business is being done. It is also important to note that the new breed is more flexible, adaptable and less resistant in any business environment. Last but not the least, during the early phase of their career they are less expensive than the elderly people in the workforce. All of these reasons make us to believe that young force is the most desirable for any business.

However, any business needs experience and knowledge. The old generation brings the required knowledge because of their vast experience of industry. This generation have seen cycles of ups and downs of a business during their career. They understand the nuances of their industry and can even foresee a trend. This ability is an asset to any business. So the older employees are invaluable to any company and they are the guides for the young ones.

Pondering on both sides of argument, I am of the opinion that young and old, both types of employees are required for any business. Having a right mix of them can bring the most desired result for a corporation. The world already recognizes the benefits of having different aged people in their workforce. I am sure in future this trend will expand in all the businesses and will become a major factor for the growth.


This is a good essay. The candidate has addressed all aspects of the task. The arguments are quite convincing and the structure of the essay is correct. Also, the candidate has used tenses correctly throughout the essay.

There are still some mistakes. The candidate has omitted many of the articles. S/he also seems to have difficulty using prepositions correctly. However, there are no major mistakes in this essay.

Overall, this seems to be a band 7 essay.

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