Young Adults Are Spending Less Time With Their Families | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In modern times, young adult are spending less time with their families and more time with their friends. Why has this change occurred? Do you think parents should force their children to spend more time at home?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that at present many juveniles prefer to spend more time with their peers than their parents. The main reason for this trend is the age gap, and I do not think that mothers and fathers should compel their children to spend more time at home because it can develop a sense of resentment amongst children.

When children reach their adolescence, their thinking and preferences often change. Consequently, they and their parents fail to agree upon most things.  They may feel that their guardians are old-fashioned and do not share any common interest with them. As a result, they find it boring to spend time with them  and instead choose to hang out with their friends because they may share various common likes. Additionally, a few young people reside in hostels with their friends while studying in universities away from their parents, and sometimes, they may become used to spending all the time with their roommates. As a result, they do not give much preference to be at home.

If children are enforced to spend more time at home, this practice can create bitterness in their minds against their parents.  This is because many young people do not like to be controlled and forced to listen to edifications by their elders. If they are restrained, it may result in them becoming ill- mannered. For example, studies have shown that children who are grounded by their parents are more likely to show unpredictable / aggressive behaviour. However, parents can engage themselves in some kind of activities that their children like such as watching their favourite TV shows with them to motivate them to spend time at home.

In conclusion, many young adults choose to spend less time with their families because of age difference and uncommon preferences / interests. I believe that youngsters should not be made to spend more time at home because they can develop disruptive behaviour.

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6 Responses

  1. SINA says:

    People have different views about watching television. Some people think it is enjoyable and exciting to watch television. However, some other believes watching television waste their time, and people can do a more useful and interesting activity instead of watching television. In my opinion, sometimes it is so funny, but sometimes it is a waste of time.

    Some people consider that watching television is so pleasant and fun for them. Firstly, they utter that watching television is an excellent time for families to get together. Nowadays, families are spending a little time to gather because of a hard life. In fact, fathers and mothers have to work fulltime during a week, and their children are going to school and college. Therefore, these people think that watching television is an excellent opportunity for them to spend time together. Secondly, these people think that watching television is an affordable activity. In fact, most of the entertainments cost too much, like going to a movie theater or a restaurant. Consequently, these people think that they can save a lot of money if they watch television for a fun activity.

    Some other people think that watching television is a waste of time. For one thing, they think that they can do more appropriate and useful activities, like reading books. In particular, they believe that reading a book is more beneficial for them, and also they can learn more things from a book instead of television. For another thing, they think that watching television a lot make people lazy, and also it is unhealthy. Generally, people seat on the sofa to watch television, and seating a lot is harmful to our muscles. Therefore, they think that it is unhealthy and useless for our bodies to watch television a lot.

    In my opinion, if people do not watch television too much, it is fascinating and enjoyable entertainment. It is an excellent time for families to get together, but just once or twice per week.

    In conclusion, watching television for some people is so exciting, but some others think that they can do a better activity instead of watching television. In my experience, it is a good habit if we do not watch too much.

  2. Siddharth says:

    It is commonly observed that these days, adolescents spend most of their time with their close friends, rather than staying at home with their family members. I believe that the primary reason for this trend is the shortage of time that parents have to devote to their children. Instead of being forceful, I think that parents should be more understanding and caring towards their kids.
    The key factor for children not staying at home is that they do not get much attention from their parents when they need it. Because of the fast-paced life and demanding nature of work, parents spend most of their time in office. On reaching homes, they are too exhauted and tired that they are unable to spend good time with their kids. Being felt ignored at home, children find their companions outside their homes in those who are of their similar age groups and interests. For instance, around 30 percent of the teenagers of the working parents just stay about 1-2 days at home in a week.
    Furthermore, the narrow mindedness of the grand parents can also be another reason. Many old people have orthodox thought process even today. Because of the mismatch of the thinking between children and their grandparents, children feel better to be with their friends, who understand them well.
    In my opinion, children should not be compelled to stay at home as this attitude will imbibe a sense of rebel in them. In fact, parents should understand the needs and problems of their children, like a friend, and should help them become a responsible adult.
    In conclusion, parents should spend quality time with their children to understand their requirements, despite imposing strict rules and regulations on them which may imbibe negative qualities in them. Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them makes an impression.

  3. nadia says:

    No doubt kids and parents strong bonding is very essential, however , nowadays many teenage prefer to spend time with their friends than parents. Reason bejind that can be huge age gape and I don’t think so that mother and father should preasurise kids to stay at home as it leads to haterd behave among children.In this essay i will hoghlight the mentioned scenario.

    firstly kids and parents have big age difference which effect their choices and point of views on many issues or topics.consequently they feel that their ancestors are old fashioned and this way they are feeling bored at home so as a result they prefer to hang out with their age fellows than their gaurdians.
    additionaly as we are in modren and competitive world and to survive in that society in many families both parents are working.They are not able to entertain their kids as much as they should thats also loss kids i terest to engage with their parents and spending time with co.werkers.

    furthermore,many youngsters staying in dormitory while studying in colleges and staying away from their parents.That lifestyle also make young generation to get use to of spending time with their classmates rather than with their families.

    in conclusion,many kids giving more time to their peers that parents bcs of uncommen likes and activities however parents should not force kids to stay at home or to follow them always.parents must make spare time from their hectic life to spend with children such as watching their favourite tv shows.movies or songs.moreover adults should play with them that can make kids freindly connection with parents, however kids should also try to bond with parents in respective way.

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