You Recently Visited A Foreign Country And Got Some Information At The Tourist Information Centre

You recently visited a foreign country and got some information at the Tourist Information Centre. The information given to you was wrong. Write a letter to the centre manager and explain:

  • what was the information required
  • how was the wrong information provided?
  • what problem did you have because of this?

Here is a band 8 IELTS letter on this topic submitted by one of our students. Need help with writing? Get your writing samples corrected by me.

Band 8 IELTS letter sample

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to draw your attention to some false information presented in the tour guide of Dubai.

I visited Dubai Tourist Information Centre about 10 days ago during my trip to Dubai to get some details about the sites of interest, opening and closing hours of different places and the entry fees of each place. As the tour guide brochure had all details, I purchased it for $2.

Although the maps, history of places and other details were accurate in the brochure, the information about the working days of some places of Al-Ain was wrong. For example, it was mentioned that the Al-Ain museum and the library remains open on all days throughout the year; however, in reality, since the 1st of January, 2016, they have started observing holidays during weekends.

As a result of the false information, I could not see several places such as Al-Ain museum, the Historic Library of Al-Ain and the zoo on Saturday, since it was their holiday. I believe the tourist guide is not updated and is showing the schedule of last year. I hope you will correct the information printed in the tourist guide at the earliest to avoid inconvenience to other visitors like me.

Yours faithfully,


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