You Recently Read An Article In A Business Magazine About The Company You Work For | Band 7.5 IELTS Letter Sample

You recently read an article in a business magazine about the company you work for. Some information in the article was incorrect. Write a letter to the editor and tell him about the magazine article.
– Give details about the article
– What was wrong in your opinion
– Suggest a solution to correct this error

Here is a band 7.5 IELTS letter on this topic submitted by one of our students. Need help with writing? Get your writing samples corrected by me. 

Band 7.5 IELTS letter sample

Dear Sir,

This is with reference to your article about ABC Travels. My name is PQR and I am an employee of this company. The reason that I am writing this letter is that your article had a lot of false and misleading information about our company.

The article was written by Mr. Vikas and it was about the top five travel companies. The article mentioned that our profits increased by 10% last year; however, I would like to mention that we had a 20% jump in profits. This incorrect information has certainly affected the position of our company. Additionally, there was no mention of our overseas projects. This information should have been included in the article because it is very important for us to leverage the potential of the global market

I believe that the write had intentionally given wrong data to lower the standing of our company. I would like to recommend that you republish the article after rectifying the errors.

I look forward to your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely


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