You Have Just Spent A Week With A Friend On Holiday | Band 7.5 IELTS Letter Sample

You have just spent a week with a friend on holiday. When you got home, you realized you had left your wallet there.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter: –

  • Thank your friend for the holiday
  • Explain that you left your wallet in their house
  • Give them instructions of how to send it back to you

Here is a band 7.5 IELTS letter on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 7.5 IELTS letter sample

Dear Tom,

How are you doing? I am fine here by god’s grace. I had a great time with you on this thrilling excursion. I was tired after the journey but the holiday was quite fascinating. I would like to thank you for inviting me to join you on this trip.

I think I left my wallet in your house. I think it’s on the table in your drawing room where we sat and had a long conversation about our college days when we had our dinner.

I would like you to send it back to me to my home address. I would be great if you could send it today so that I can receive it before Friday as I will be out of town after Friday for two months for some confidential work.

I will be really thankful for your kind help.

Hoping to hear from you soon.

Warm regards

Syed Ahsan

Manjusha Nambiar

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