You Are Applying For A Job And Need A Letter Of Reference From Someone Who Knew You When You Were At School | Band 7 IELTS Letter Sample

You are applying for a job and need a letter of reference from someone who knew you when you were at school. Write a letter to one of your old teacher asking for a reference. In your letter:

  •  say what job you have applied for
  •  explain why you want this job
  •  suggest what information the teacher should include

Here is a band 7 IELTS letter on this topic written by one of our students. Need help with IELTS writing? Get your IELTS essays, letters and reports corrected by me.

Band 7 IELTS letter sample

Dear Madam,

Hope you are doing well. I am Aditya Jaitley, one of your old students at D.A.V. Public School. I am writing to request you to write a letter of reference for me so that I can apply for a job. 

As I was proficient in English language during school days, I have applied for an IELTS trainer job. I have also given an interview to become an English teacher in a primary school if I do not get the IELTS trainer job.

To be precise, this job will not only give me an opportunity to gain teaching experience but also help me to support my family financially. Also, I would be able to repay the loan which I took earlier to pursue my graduation.

Since it is a job that requires maximum interaction with the students, I would like you to mention my achievements in public speaking, debating and group discussions during the school time. Also, would you be kind enough to add my good character traits in it?

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Aditya Jaitley

Manjusha Nambiar

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