Women Will Play An Increasingly Important Role At Workplace In Future | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Women will play an increasingly important role at workplace in future. But this may disturb their family lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Work places are now being made more and more employee friendly with lavish recreational areas and flexible work hours. Women do play an important role in offices and their importance is increasing by the day. Some people opine that this may cause imbalance to their family lives, but I do not agree to this fact.

With the rise in activists that vouch for gender equality and the laws that support it, most institutions hire more women to fill in job positions. This not only breaks the glass ceiling that used to haunt successful women, but also gives them huge self-confidence to explore new opportunities and live out their dreams. Different industries are trying to create formidable working environments for the employees, to improve their sense of belonging to their work place. This in turn makes employees more dedicated to their work and produce better business outcomes. For example, the information technology industry has made it easier for employees to work by introducing facilities to work from home, hence improving their work life balance. This ensures that work life does not get in the way of their family lives.

Some disparagers opine that work life disrupts family life for women as they grow up the ladder in their work places. They argue that women are solely responsible to take care of their family. But, that need not be true when both the female along with the male counterpart, adjusts and acts responsibly to take care of their family. Both partners can take various roles within the family to manage daily chores and responsibilities that come along with children.

In conclusion, contrary to some detractors, I do not agree to the statement that women’s family life get disturbed as they grow up the ladder in workplace. With the correct mindset and the opportunities organisations provide, women just as their male counterpart, can manage their family lives even when their dependency in workplace increases.

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