With Deforestation, Urban Development And Illegal Hunting, Many Animal Species Are Becoming Endangered And Some Are Even Facing Extinction

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Human activity has had a detrimental effect on animals. Many of them have already become extinct and many more are on the endangered list. In my opinion, it is crucial to protect wildlife because all species of plants and animals are interdependent and if some of them vanish from the surface of earth, others will have to face the ramifications. Endangered animals can be saved from extinction by creating wildlife sanctuaries where all human activities are banned.   

Contrary to what a lot of people think, animals are an indispensable part of the ecosystem. It is our paramount duty to protect wildlife in general and endangered species in particular as uncontrolled and unsustainable human activities are the root causes of their extinction. When a particular species becomes extinct, it has a domino effect on the entire ecosystem. It disrupts the food chain, sending shockwaves through the environment. For instance, when apex predators like lions, tigers or leopards die out, the population of herbivores will explode. They will eat up all the plants and small trees causing considerable damage to the forest and when they cannot find enough food in the forest, they will start raiding farms. This leads to human-animal conflict. Likewise, if honeybees are threatened, it affects pollination and thus reduce yield. This will force humans to bring more land under cultivation and that will lead to further destruction of animals. Obviously, there is a need to protect wildlife; otherwise, the survival of all species will be in danger.

Since human activity is the root cause of the extinction of animals, taking measures to reverse the damage is also our responsibility. People can contribute their bit by making sure that they do not engage in activities that threaten plants or animals. Governments can and should do a lot more. There should be stringent wildlife protection laws. Activities like hunting and poaching should be severely dealt with. In addition, the government should protect core areas of the forests by banning all human activities there. In India, for example, the government has created several wildlife sanctuaries under the Project Tiger initiative. This measure has been quite successful in increasing the number of tigers.

In conclusion, protecting wildlife is our need and responsibility as our own survival depends on their survival. Enacting strict wildlife laws and creating protected forests are some of the ways to preserve wildlife.

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