With An Increasing Overweight Population Some Think Universities Should Make Sport A Compulsory Module On All Degree Courses | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

With an increasing overweight population some think universities should make sport a compulsory module on all degree courses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In this contemporary era, obesity has become a major concern among people. Some people believe that sports must be included in the tertiary education system. I strongly agree with this argument that sports should be made mandatory in colleges in order to make our younger generation healthier and more efficient.

One good reason to make sports compulsory is that students can achieve the minimum requirements / dose of their daily exercise at their college itself. Exercise / physical activity is indispensable for their overall health and academic performance.  For example, a recent study revealed that students who play sports in their colleges are smarter and more active in their studies. If children follow all the rules and regulations of games, they become more disciplined in their lives as well. Furthermore, students after graduating from these colleges tend to perform their job duties with discipline and show maximum efficiency at workplace.

Another positive outcome of mandatory sporting activities in the college curriculum is that this leads to fewer health problems among children. As a result of regular exercise, they tend to have stronger muscles and a healthy mind which makes them immune to disease carrying germs and other ailments like heart trouble, diabetes and obesity. Additionally, when young people engage in physical activity, their parents may also get motivated to exercise. Therefore, the whole society will benefit from this move.

In conclusion, the problem of overweight is a serious issue which can be effectively controlled by adding compulsory sport classes in all the college degrees. Playing games not only makes the youngsters physically healthy but also fosters the right attitude and mindset in them.

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2 Responses

  1. Mohammad Mostafa Ansari says:

    Nowadays, the prevalence of obesity is increasing in the society and healthcare officials are concerned. Having a compulsory sport task for graduating from colleges can help in preventing more people from gaining weight. I believe, universities have to take action soon to tackle this issue.

    Although it may be frustrating for some students to engage in compulsory exercise at institutes, it is definitely important for 4 reasons. Firstly, college students will be the future leaders in the community, and making them take sports seriously while studying, means a lot in future planning for the society. Secondly, some scholars face depression while doing sports alone for reducing weight. For instance, an Oxford University trainee who was suffering from extra weight mentioned having an obligation to do sports with his fellow classmates made it less stressful for him to become fit, rather than exercising alone.

    To continue, the third reason which supports my argue, is when families see the effects of sports on the health of their loved ones, they become more eager to get engaged in physical activity. This in turn, increases the average well-being of the society. Finally, other than the positive effect of controlling body weight directly, physical activity will improve the mental state of the students as well, which will definitely have a good impact on their eating habits and will control their body fitness indirectly.

    To conclude, in my opinion, with the growing number of obese people, compulsory sport modules in the university can help in controlling the condition. Universities should either force students exercise regularly or have them take obligatory courses, which helps them have more physical activity and eventually become fit.

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