Why Do People Take Part In Dangerous Sports? | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Some sports are extremely dangerous but many people still like them very much. Why do people take part in dangerous sports? Give some suggestions on how to deal with these dangers.

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is true that countless individuals are eager to participate in adventurous sports even though they are aware of the dangers involved. There are various reasons for this; however, certain safety measures, if adopted and followed, can mitigate the dangers associated with these sports.

To begin with, one of the predominant reasons for the popularity of some dangerous sports such as paragliding, bungee jumping and scuba diving is that people tend to take part in these sports to overcome and conquer their phobias and fears. Many people suffer from aqua phobia and acrophobia, and to free themselves from these phobias, they indulge in some adventurous yet life-threatening sports. These sports, they believe, will boost their confidence and make the intrepid.  To exemplify this, I was extremely afraid of heights but to overcome this fear, I did paragliding not only once but thrice in a row on the same day even though I was aware of the risks involved. I am no longer afraid of tall buildings and extreme heights. Moreover, people have thrilling and exhilarating experience after doing these sports. They feel more alive and younger.

To mitigate the dangers involved in these sports, the most effective measure is to use proper safety gears and equipments such as harness, ropes and specialized clothing. Before doing the sport, the participants should be checked thoroughly to ensure that their specialized safety kit and gear is functioning properly. This practice, therefore, would reduce the risks involved. In addition to what has been mentioned, the specialists and experienced professionals should provide 1-2 days training to interested participants to avoid any dangers. For example, before doing sky-diving, the professionals provide 2 days coaching to the people who are going to take part in it. Moreover, participating in these hazardous sports must be avoided in extreme weather conditions, such as raining and thunderstorms.

In conclusion, from a quick analysis of the situation, it is quite evident that people are inclined towards the perilous sports as it helps them to conquer their fears. Undoubtedly, the dangers associated with these sports can be significantly reduced by taking the safety measures mentioned above.

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