What Do You Think Is The Most Important Invention Of The Past 100 Years

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A lot of innovative, useful and lifesaving inventions made their debut during the last 100 years. Antibiotics, for example, saved countless lives from deadly diseases; airplanes reduced travel time and made the world one small village. All of these are important inventions; even so, in my opinion, no other invention has had a greater impact on humanity than the invention of the computer.

Computers changed the way people live, work and relax. Today, it is impossible to even imagine a life without computers. Gone are the days when people did the accounts or typed documents manually. Now everything is done by the computers. The biggest advantage of using the computer is that it has got a memory large enough to store every bit of data known to humans. Computers do not make mistakes; nor do they get tired. Needless to say, computers have become a necessity in all fields. Another advantage of this little machine is that it has made other inventions even better. For example, computers are used in aviation and they have made air travelling safer. Likewise, computers are used in the medical field as well and they make the diagnosis of many diseases easier. In this way, they play the same role as antibiotics in saving lives.

Computers have also changed the way we spend our leisure time. Instead of reading a newspaper or watching a movie on their television, people now play games on their computer or chat with their friends on social networking sites. Unlike a newspaper or a television a computer can deliver the exact same content that the viewer needs.

In conclusion, all inventions are important and beneficial; even so, in my opinion, the computer is the most important invention because it is useful in its own right; it has also enhanced the functioning of other inventions like aeroplanes or medical equipments.

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