Wealthy Nations Should Assist Poorer Countries With Humanitarian Relief | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Wealthy nations should assist poorer countries with humanitarian relief during natural disasters. Do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It has been argued that economically backward countries should be helped by first world nations on humanitarian grounds during natural calamities. I agree with this view because developed countries have resources and technology which could be used for coping with these types of disasters. Also their expertise in medical sciences helps to mitigate the spread of diseases.

To begin with, rich countries are well equipped to deal with disasters which are not man-made. They have surplus of basic necessities like drinkable water and non perishable foods which are of utmost importance when a calamity strikes. Along with the latest technology which helps with the forecast and ways to minimize impact, developed nations have specially trained people to help during the aftermath. For instance, the European Union has large aircrafts which help carry the supplies to areas where the infrastructure has been hit by the disaster.

Secondly, developed nations have superior medical technology. Fighting the spread of epidemics is crucial after a natural calamity to reduce the death toll. Well-to-do nations have mobile medical units which help set up clinics in an efficient and swift manner wherever needed. For example, the United States of America have a special department US-AID and their sole purpose is to lead the rescue operations internationally where they lack manpower to deal with calamities.

In conclusion, in my opinion the financially solid countries should definitely assist the developing and third-world states on empathetic terms during the natural disasters. This is because they are financially stable due to which they have spare resources and their proficiency in medicine benefits the suffering nation from spread of disease.

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4 Responses

  1. Shirina Samreen says:

    When poorer countries suffer due to natural disasters, the wealthier countries should offer a helping hand. I completely agree with the statement as every human being in this world is morally obliged to extend support to peers in times of need. This helps in strengthening the relations and assures the overall well being in difficult times with each others support.

    Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanoes and floods adversely affect the nation’s economy. Under these circumstances, they are in dire need of financial support to restore normalcy of human life by providing basic necessities like food and shelter to the population. The nations with good economy should show their humanitarian side and come forward to help the affected country in replenishing their lost resources. This not only helps build a reputable image at a global level but helps in developing friendly ties with other nations. Consequently, nations who are ready to financially support other poorer nations have no global enemies.

    Great leaders like Mother Teresa, who lived and worked to serve the humanity always preached that the only way in which human race can flourish is, by having compassion to the sufferings and pain of other fellow human beings. Every wealthy nation should understand the reality behind this preaching and exhibit empathy to other under-privileged nations. At a spiritual level, it has also been observed many times that god returns the reward to every penny spent in helping others in need.

    In conclusion, I believe that wealthier nations acquire respect and good will across the world by offering help to low-economy countries. This proves to fruitful in the long term by having good global relations which aids in the prosperity.

  2. Pooja Saini says:

    It is argued that the powerful countries should provide help to poverty-driven nations at the times of natural disasters by rendering humanitarian relief. I strongly agree with this notion as wealthy nations are in a strong financial position to help the ones in need and they will also play a significant role in safeguarding resources in the affected areas.

    The countries lying above the poverty line have massive pool of funds that could be put to use in the times of great adversities without ruining their own financial condition. Every nation has its own emergency fund backup system that is to be used if be felled by natural or unplanned disasters but a poorer nation do not have enough funds to help themselves. A recent newspaper highlighted that how an underprivileged country came up to par with other wealthier nations with the help of its impregnable neighboring territories those were rich enough to do so.

    Taking up the step to assist the disaster-affected country could save substantial amount of resources. The areas afflicted becomes barren to its resources & turns to an unproductive piece of land which in turn disturbs its balance in the world economy. By providing humanitarian relief in such places, one can expect the revival of the resources that originates in that area.

    To conclude, rich countries should come forward to assist under-privileged nations when an unplanned disaster strikes them because of their capability to do so and to ensure the survival of various precious resources that are yielded in such places.

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