Wealthy Nations Should Accept More Refugees And Provide Them With Basic Assistance | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Wealthy countries should accept more refugees and provide them with basic assistance such as food and housing. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that refugees should be provided with basic aid such as food and shelter by wealthy nations. This essay completely agrees with this view / argument because it is a moral obligation and the rich countries can easily afford the expenses.

The primary reason why developed countries should welcome fugitives is that it is unfair not to render support to them. That is to say, it is important to help each other during tough times. Innocent people should not be left in such horrible conditions to face death and misery while they are uncertain about the status of their living. For example, countries like the USA and Germany have become home for approximately 5 million Syrian refugees and take care of their basic needs.

Another reason is that wealthy nations are stable enough to economically help people fleeing from their war torn countries. In other words, accepting more people and providing them with food and shelter will not cause strain on the public coffers.

In fact, the economy might benefit if the country can provide employment to the refugees who can strengthen the labour force. For instance, according to an article published by The Times, only 3% of Germany’s economy was utilized to meet the needs of Syrian asylum seekers and also 70% of them are placed in various sectors such as industries and construction companies.

In conclusion, rich nations should not hold themselves back from providing basic aid to the refugees because it a humanitarian obligation and it does not cause any harm to the economy of their nation.

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4 Responses

  1. alza says:

    Recently we have seen a rapid rise in the number of people migrating to developed countries. Financially developed countries should assist and accept more refugees, and provide support for their basic necessities such as food and shelter. I completely agree that people who are deprived of basic needs in their native land should be accepted by rich countries so that human needs can be provided to sustain their lives.

    One of the substantial reasons why refugees migrate to wealthy nations is due to poverty in their country. Lack of food for children and adults since the last couple of years, force them to migrate to a better world. For instance, people from Mexico travel through a lot of hurdles to reach America only to get some food. Newborn children and adults are suffering from varied genetic disorders. World Health Organization has put up several measurements to help people of the deprived countries; However, this is not a permanent solution. Nevertheless, this could be eliminated only if the financially sound countries could adopt some percentage of refugees, and provide them with jobs, food, shelter and other necessities.

    Continuous terrorist attacks on countries such as Iran and Afghanistan have created a million number of homeless people. Support for these people could only be provided from organizations in rich countries by providing them funds to build new homes. Nonetheless, if support is not provided then it would be a downfall of mankind. Irrespective of country and religion people should be given medical and physical assistance.

    To conclude, nations that are developed should accept a number of refugees and assist them for their basic necessities. Moreover, this essay depicts that the responsibility of the human is to help others who are struggling and deprived.

  2. Neets says:

    War leaves a number of people homeless and hungry. They try to seek shelter from the affluent nations in search of food and shelter. One school of thought opines that developed countries should encourage such refugees and provide them with basic necessities. This essay is in favor of this thought.

    To set in, rich and developed nations, the world over, have ample resources that can easily be utilized for the downtrodden and homeless who take refuge from them. The government should be undertaking reforms to provide the best for them. This would be inhumane not to entertain them. For instance, India even after being a developing country, has been home to a number of refugees from Tibet who after their country was abandoned by China, went homeless.

    To continue, accepting a number of refugees introduces a new culture into the native country. It may be of monetary benefits also for the same. Skilled workers may turn out to be beneficial for the nation. But utmost care should be given in the areas where communal riots may follow after the introduction of fugitives. To exemplify, in India, Dharamshala is inhAbited with the Tibetan community, wherein, they have proved a boon to the economy by the ways they have utilized their skills and manpower.

    Considering the above-said views, it is clear that affluent countries capable of accepting and supporting a new community should not deny help to the needy. The asylum-seekers would prove to boost the economy as well but care has to be taken to maintain harmony among the natives and refugees.

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