Using however

The proper use of linking words is essential to establish the connection between the sentences in your essay. There are several linking expressions in English. However is one of them.

However is an adverb. It is used to introduce a clause that contrasts with the previous clause.

  • We haven’t won their support yet; however, we will keep trying.
  • There was little chance of success; however, we decided to go ahead.
  • His intentions may be good; however, the way he handles the situation is making people suspicious.
  • The book is expensive; however, you ought to buy it.
  • She is not very beautiful; however, you can’t help liking her.
  • He was a brilliant student; however, he failed the test.

Usage note

We usually separate however from the preceding clause with a semicolon. Full stop is also possible in most cases. After however, we put a comma.

Other connecting words that have a similar meaning to however are: nevertheless and nonetheless.

  • There was little chance of success; nevertheless/ nonetheless, we decided to go head.
  • He was a brilliant student; nonetheless, he failed the test.

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