Useful connecting words

Connecting words or conjunctions are used to connect two clauses, phrases or words together.They add variety to your paragraphs and make reading a pleasant experience.Here are some useful connecting words.


When shows time.
Study the following example.

  • The children went to the zoo. They saw a lion cub.

These sentences can be connected using the conjunction when.

  • When the children went to the zoo they saw a lion cub.OR When they went to the zoo, the children saw a lion cub.
  • We can go to the park. The weather clears.
  • We can go to the park when the whether clears.
  • When the weather clears, we can go to the park.

Preposition + which

Two sentences can be joined with a preposition + which.

Study the following example.

  • We bought some grapes. We extracted the juice.
  • We bought some grapes from which we extracted the juice.
  • Steven lend me a pound. I bought a pen.
  • Steven lend me a pound with which I bought a pen.


Whose is the possessive form of who.

  • The boy is very handsome. We swam in his pool.
  • The boy, in whose pool we swam, is very handsome.
  • I rode on Harry’s horse. Harry followed me closely.
  • Harry, on whose horse I rode, followed me closely.


Whom is the objective case of who.

  • I played tennis with a visitor. He was a good player.
  • The visitor with whom I played tennis was a good player.
  • I sent a parcel to my son. He received it yesterday.
  • My son, to whom I sent a parcel, received it yesterday.
  • My father lend me 100 pounds. I was very grateful.
  • My father lend me 100 pounds for which I was very grateful.

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