University Students Are Increasingly Studying Abroad As Part Of Their Studies | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

University students are increasingly studying abroad as part of their studies. Do the advantages of studying abroad outweigh the disadvantages? 

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Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

In recent times, more and more students are going abroad to pursue their university education. While studying in a different country can be beneficial, there are various drawbacks such as home-sickness and linguistic barriers. In my opinion, despite these downsides, there are huge career prospects associated with it.

Most of the students move abroad for a high-quality education. In developing nations, education standards are not high when compared to developed countries. A recent survey showed that 70% of graduates in India move to either Australia, Canada or America for their Masters. Besides, most of the companies are looking for candidates who have a university degree from these countries. Furthermore, the student will get global exposure. They tend to meet people from diverse cultures and origins. Thus, it not only helps them to experience new things and learn from them but also improves their adaptability levels.

However, students moving abroad can sometimes feel homesick. They tend to miss their family and it becomes difficult for them to concentrate on the studies. Therefore, affecting their education and daily lifestyle. Moreover, these people need to learn a local language in order to communicate effectively. For example, students of different nationalities in France, Germany and Italy need to learn their local dialect in order to speak. So, this might be an extra burden on the student as there are multiple subjects to learn at the university. 

To conclude, although it is possible for a student to feel the pressure away from home and face difficulty communicating with the locals, I believe that there are high employment prospects and an excellent opportunity to learn new things.  

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6 Responses

  1. seema says:

    It is a fact that recent time more students are going abroad for the higher studies. This type of change in education has more advantages than disadvantages which I am going to discuss further in this essay.
    On one side, youngsters are moving to the developed countries for immense knowledge they can gain from advanced technology. The foreign universities have a wide range of sophisticated types of equipments and techniques which can widen their horizon. For instance, the students going to learn medicine are able to use different types of latest technology and techniques to do surgeries which are difficult to gain in their home country. Secondly, the scope of getting the job and lucrative pay is high as compared with the other employees who studied in their home country. For example, in my workplace, the salary of the employee who studied abroad is twice or more that of other staff because of their extra skills.
    In spite of these benefits, there are several drawbacks also which students have to face such as homesickness because most of them are first time apart from their family. Then, change in the climate, rationalism, difference in the culture and language etc makes some students disappointed. For example, the US University conducted a survey on this topic and found out that some of the students withdraw the course due to these issues.
    To recapitulate, even though there are several downsides to adjust with the different environment but still the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by the experience and knowledge they can gain as well as earning of a high salary.

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