University Libraries Should Focus on eBooks Only Instead Of Paper Based Books | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

e-Books are completely taking over paper-based books. University libraries should focus on e-books only instead of paper-based books. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages and give your opinion.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, hard copies of books are being replaced by their electronic versions. eBooks certainly have several advantages over their printed versions. They do not occupy space or carry weight. Also, they are up to date. Even so, I cannot agree with the argument that university libraries should start offering eBooks alone. Despite the many advantages electronic books have, they still have a few disadvantages.

The main advantage of eBooks is that they are much less expensive than paper based books. They do not wear out or occupy space. In fact, thousands of eBooks can be stored on a small device like a smart phone or a tablet. People can carry them on their mobile device wherever they go and read them whenever they want. Also, eBooks are updated frequently. This enables readers to have access to the latest information on the subject.

Nevertheless, eBooks do have certain disadvantages. To start with, in order to read them, people have to invest in an eBook reader or another gadget like a smart phone. These devices can be expensive and a university library may not be able to buy enough of them so that every student can read. Another disadvantage is that if the device malfunctions, students will not be able to read books stored on it. A weak battery or a power outage can also render these devices useless and make the books stored on them inaccessible.

To conclude, eBooks certainly have several advantages over their paper based versions. Even so, the argument that libraries should replace all the printed books with eBooks is preposterous. They are certainly versatile but they do possess some inherent weaknesses that make them less reliable than paper books in certain situations.  

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