University Education Should Be Free For All Students | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

University education should be free for all students. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that everyone should have free access to university education. I agree with this. I believe that students who opt to continue in the university should not be burdened with their tuition fees because not all students have the means to pay for school and, it is one of the obligations of the government to provide education to students.

Not every student who aspires to pursue higher education can afford the tuition fee. Many students who deserve to be sent to the university belong to poor families who are struggling to support their daily living. If paying for tuition is a requirement for every student to enter college then, those individuals who deserve and have the capability to be a university student will be denied of this opportunity. If a student from a developing country is not allowed to enter university due to lack of resources, he will lose his opportunity to bail his family out of poverty.

Moreover, the government should be responsible for the education of its residents. It should be the government’s priority to ensure that students who have the desire to continue and obtain a college degree will be granted a scholarship. In the long run, free university education will benefit not only the individual but also the community / country. A great example is the government scholars in the Philippines. This scholarship program enables high school students to be granted a free university education provided that they stay and serve their own country for a minimum of two years. This move of the government helped both the scholars’ family and the country at the same time.

In conclusion, provision of free education to students who have the desire to pursue higher studies should be implemented because it is the government’s responsibility to help students obtain a degree and it will ease the burden on the family of those who really want to continue their studies.

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2 Responses

  1. Santhosh says:

    Education is an important factor for all human beings to sustain their life as well as to mingle with others But, I am totally disagreeing with the notion to provide free education to all students which I am going to discuss further in this essay.
    To begin with, gaining knowledge is the right of every citizen but providing free education to all students is an inappropriate decision because I believe the free or subsidy should be provided to the needy students rather than those who come from the affluent family. For example, in my some places there is free education to certain caste irrespective of their background and children from the poorer family don’t have any funding because their caste is not included in free education which affects their further learning process.
    Secondly, when education is free of cost for everyone, then it is difficult for the government to develop the infrastructure of the education sectors and implementation of modern techniques in school due to the lack of finance which is an imperial part in this contemporary world. Therefore, free education should be for the deserved ones, in this way authorities can raise their revenue by taking fees from other students and can provide better facilities to the designated departments.
    To recapitulate, from the above discussion it is clear that free education should be for the deserving students who are from the low-income family rather than providing a free ride to other disciplines from the wealthy family. This would help both the individual and society.

    • ielts practice says:

      This seems band 6.5 to me. Your introduction should be something like this:
      Education is crucial for the all round development of an individual; however, I disagree with the argument that it should be free for all.

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