University Education Should Be Free For All Students | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

University education should be free for all students. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

It is argued that education is a crucial part of every individual’s life, so every student should get it for free. I agree with this statement because many intelligent students discontinue their education after high school because they cannot afford fees and it is the responsibility of colleges and universities to ensure that every student of their country get education without any problem.

Every student should have free access to university studies because it is their right. Free education will help students to study well without worrying about financial problems. Many students who are serious about studies belong to poor families because they are determined to improve their financial circumstances in future. To illustrate, several universities in India offer graduate and post graduate degrees free of cost to meritorious students who pass the entrance test. This is because their target is to educate the hard working and intelligent students. It is also the responsibility of the university to ensure that bright students can study further free of cost and improve their circumstances.

In simple words, if the students get admission in colleges after high school he/she will be able to get the job of their dreams. Consequently, they can help their families and the nation strongly because of the knowledge they gained at college in certain areas such as science, technology, medical or business. For instance, in Germany any student can join college in any field of their interest without fee and this helps German people to develop their career without any stress.

In conclusion, colleges should give free access to education because this will help students to study without any financial tension and it is the duty of the college to give education to students who have interest in studying further.

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2 Responses

  1. Anju says:

    Education is the basic right for every individual.So it is a good idea to give free education at university level which can help many students to reach in good position.In the following paragraphs,i am going to explain why i completely support free university education.

    To begin with,free education can mould many intelligent students to highest career post which is a asset for the country.To explain it further,many talented students discontinued their education,as high cost for university education.Likewise,a growing trend is that morethan a good mark college management looks for donation from the students.So those who can capable of donating money have further education,others forced to discontinue their education eventhough they have good score also.

    Secondly,free education make the students more independent and responsible towards their studies.To add further,many universities offer free education with scholarships and grativity.So they can pay for their extra necessities,moreover they can help their family as well.In addition to this, free education helps the students focus on their studies without any financial stree or burden.However ,students can choose their favorite subjects for their higher education as it free of cost.

    In conclusion ,it is my strong convinction that,free university education is absolutely correct way to offer higher education and better job opportunities for students from financially unstable home.Hence,it helps to build a strong and intelligent youth with better qualification which suits them to succeed in their professional life.

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