Universities Should Not Teach Art Subjects | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Rising university fees and scarce employment prospects for graduates have led some people to say that universities should not teach arts subjects, like philosophy and history and only offer practical degree courses that maximise chances of employment. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Owing to the rising unemployment and increasing cost of university education, it is considered by many people that subjects, such as philosophy and history, should be excluded from the curriculum and in order to increase job prospects, only practical subjects should be taught. In my opinion, even though practical subjects increase the chances of employment, art subjects have their own importance in contributing to the growth of an individual and the society/nation.

Arts subjects are crucial for the growth of the individual. This is primarily because many individuals are passionate about studying these subjects. By studying them, people are able to understand the human behaviour. As a result, they would know the causes behind the unethical behaviour of the humans. This would enable them to be creative and come up with the innovative ideas to avoid such behaviour and make the world a better place to live in. Thus, these subjects would enhance the thinking ability of the individuals.

However, diminishing employment opportunities and increased university fees have made professional courses more viable options.  By teaching practical subjects, such as accountancy and law, job prospects would increase for an individual. This is mainly because employers prefer a candidate fully equipped with the practical knowledge. For instance, multinational companies shortlist only those candidates who can prepare the financial statements which require accountancy skills. Once people find jobs, the unemployment rate comes down and the nation progresses. It is apparent / obvious that the demand for practical/professional courses is at an all time high.

To conclude, practical subjects, no doubt, increase job opportunities for the people and help them with their daily needs. Art subjects, however, are also crucial for the development of the individual and the society. Hence, in my opinion, universities should offer both types of courses.

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10 Responses

  1. seema says:

    It is the fact that nowadays, the rise in unemployment and academic fees has led the people to think that university has to focus more on academic subjects rather than arts specifically philosophy and history, so that it can improve the situation of joblessness . I totally disagree with the notion as I believe that arts and academic together makes a complete individual.
    To begin with, to improve our standard of living and society, people have to go through the common understanding subjects like arts, history and philosophy because it helps the individual to understand the behaviour, culture, way of living and much more of surroundings. In this way, if any one behaved unethically, the individual will understand the situation more promptly and act according to that and make the best place to live in. Therefore, extra subjects are a must for the betterment of an individual as well as for the society.
    However, academic subjects weigh more than the auxiliary subjects because of the demand in the job market. Employer always look for the advance skill both in theoretical and practical. For example, multinational companies will shortlist only those employees who can extend their performance in more than one specific jobs, sometimes it also include the categories like problem solving, and handling of staff.
    Therefore, I totally disagree with the notion, because it has been proven that auxiliary subjects along with academic comes in demand in the matter of job opportunities. Furthermore, it makes an individual eligible to solve the circumstances such as unethical behaviour.

  2. Fatimah says:

    It is true that these there is a serious deficit in the employment opportunities with an increase in higher education fees. This has led many to believe that it is better to focus on subjects that are beneficial for their employment. I strongly believe that practical education should be given more importance.

    On the one hand, subjects such as arts play a vital role in the lives of many people. It helps them to bring out their emotions in some form such as music, painting, drawing,philosophy. Philosophy helps in understanding the world and its people ,many philosophers try to give meaning to their existence and have their theories related to the origin of life. History also plays a major part in the lives of many individuals. It helps them relate to the source of their origin and revives their belief system, their culture and traditions.

    On the other hand, the core subjects cannot be neglected, they provide a means to get a better employment opportunities. Many employers initially check that their employees have been graduated in degree related subjects. It is essentially crucial for those who belong to the technical side. Jobs require employees who can solve their problems with the help of skills developed during the degree . For instance , in the case of a doctor , it is expected that the doctor treats the patient by giving the correct diagnosis and proper management plan. In careers like these there is no need to study subject like arts, as there is no correlation seen between them.

    To sum up, I believe that a person should try to dedicate more time to the subjects that will help them in their career.

  3. Keval Shah says:

    Few college administrations have cultivated such mentality in this era of expensive tuition fees and little employment availability that offering practical courses will increase student chances for job placement while teaching arts subject should be . Well as graduates are having effects due to high fees and feared for their career to gain employment but arts subjects are one which also have major job aspects.

    Students undertaking arts major have pronounced Analytical skills which is the basic requisite in all employment sectors. Archaeologists, translators, journalist and etcetera are arts students fill many extremely aspired positions. Every nation has funded and morally endorse their cultural art and craft forms, which in-return helps to understand ancient things and keep the indigenous culture alive. Furthermore, many art forms such as poetry, novel books and many more have been a great entertainment as well as hobby for majority of population. Painting and music have been few form of relaxation either by performing or by being merely an audience to it. Ancient art collector are one who are willing to pay high scale of salary to real talent in this field.

    On the other hand, students emerge as readily skilled labour due to technical lessons, which attracts employers. Companies are then free of training expenses spent on freshers coming on shore. The huge fee structure is also required to comprise with job guarantee from universities. As information era has arose high demand for technical staff. However, this demanding roles offer less salary pay and job satisfaction while demand more working hours. In today’s era, employment is not based on qualifying certificate but having demanded proficient skill-set. Furthermore, educating graduates with prospect of particular jobs lead to monologues teaching which exhausts one over time as well as limiting the choice for work field.

    Therefore, Scarce in earning options and high rising fees may not conclude that arts field have very little option in future whereas learning practical subjects may help in achieving employment but it is not justified to shut down arts, which is also a major contributor in society and nation’s economy.

  4. Adhidev k biju says:

    Nowadays students get frustrated by their parents and family members for choosing subjects .It can lead them to depression. Academics subjects are nowadays getting harder to understand and learn so some students prefer subjects like arts, philosophy and history.

    First of all some people argue that universities should not teach arts and philosophy because of the lack of job opportunity.
    In my opinion both of these subjects are crucial to the students future.we cannot havoc these, art based subjects will help the students to learn a valuable set of skills. They become active thinkers and they get extra problem solving skills rather than passive learners who can memorise facts and other people’s ideas. However , diminishing employment opportunities and increased University fee have made the professional courses more viable options.

    However practical subjects such as accountancy and law jobs prospects would increase for an individual. Once a people find a good job the unemployment rate comes down and the nation progress.

    To conclude practical subjects, no doubt, increase job opportunities for the people and help them with their daily needs . Arts subject however are also crucial for the development of society and individual.
    In my opinion both courses should be mandatory in all universities..

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