Universities Should Accept Equal Number Of Male And Female Students In Each Subject | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Universities should accept equal numbers of male and female students in every subject. To what extent do you agree?

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

According to some people, the number of boys and girls admitted to any course should be the same. In other words half of the seats should be reserved for male candidates and half should be reserved for female candidates. I do not agree with this view. In my opinion, merit, and not gender, should be the criterion for admission into university programmes.

The argument that the number of boys and girls in each course should be the same is illogical in every aspect. To start with, it shows utter disregard for merit. If seats are reserved on the basis of gender, many meritorious students will fail to get admission. Also, while this move might seem to be an attempt to empower women by increasing their participation in university courses, that really is not the case. Almost every university in the world already admits both boys and girls. In order to secure admission to a university programme of her choice, a girl only has to get good grades. If she waits for reservation to gain admission, it is akin to admitting that her skills are not on par with those of male students.

Another argument against reserving seats on the basis of gender is the difference in the aptitude of men and women. Certain courses like nursing, home science or teaching are more popular among the girls. Likewise, certain courses like engineering and mechanics are more popular among boys. If half of the seats are reserved for boys in a nursing course, chances are many seats will lie vacant. At the same time, many meritorious girls will fail to get admission. Even in courses where both boys and girls have the same aptitude, this arrangement will prevent many deserving candidates from gaining admission just because they belong to the other gender.

To conclude, after analysing various scenarios that might arise from the implementation of this decision, it is not hard to see that reserving university seats on the basis of gender is unwise. It may dilute the quality of education by letting undeserving students in and preventing deserving students from securing admission.

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