Universities And Colleges Are Now Offering Qualifications Through Distance Learning | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

Universities and colleges are now offering qualifications through distance learning from the internet rather than the teachers in the classroom. Do you think the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In recent years, several educational institutions are conducting online sessions to offer certifications without requiring the student to pursue on-campus study. Although there are demerits to this trend, they are overshadowed by the merits.

On the one hand, the predominant benefit of distance education is that it is accessible to all income groups. Mainly, most of the people from low-income groups cannot afford to attend full-time courses as they are extremely expensive. However, with the availability of these online educational programs, a person from any financial group can get a qualification without having to worry about the cost.

Another additional advantage of online study programs is that it is feasible for students to attend them from any corner of the world. For instance, in order to attend college, students need to relocate to university campus and work part-time to pay for their expenses. Contrary to this, students from other nations can just utilise a good internet connection and join the classes.

On the other hand, there is a significant shortcoming to this modern day pedagogical approach. In other words, the standard face-to-face communication is not possible, which makes it difficult to monitor whether students are focusing on the lectures or not. Because of this, even if individuals gain an online qualification, the extent of subject knowledge they have is uncertain.

In conclusion, there are merits and demerits to distance learning. I believe it is a boon to financially deprived students who live in different countries and this eclipses the downsides of this method of learning.

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  1. seema says:

    With the advancement in technology, nowadays higher qualifications can be obtained by distance education from the university with the help of internet rather than the traditional teacher-led method. In this essay I am going to prove that the distance education has more benefits than its demerits.
    On the one side, teacher– led class rooms are more interactive and face to face conversation helps the students to understand the particular subject vividly. Moreover, teachers are evaluating the students by regular formal examinations and continuous assessment, which is lacking in the online courses. For example, during periodic tests in the classroom, if someone have less marks, teachers help them to understand the particular portion. However, all people cannot attend the classroom education as the schedule of teaching are fixed at a specific time and expensive.
    On the other hand, distance education has a wide range of benefits, Firstly, it is cost – effective as compared with the traditional education. This means impoverished people can also achieve the higher qualifications. Moreover, by continuing ones job, individual can join these courses according to their availability of time. Thus they can earn money from their job as well can gain knowledge without disturbing the duty schedule. Secondly, it saves the commutation time, which is one of the major pressing issues, the world facing today. This course only demands a good internet service. So that they can follow their mentor properly. Apart from that, it also helps the people around the world to join the course where ever they want.
    To conclude, after discussing the above point I think that the positive sides of online learning are more than the classroom education

  2. Max Mara says:

    Recent years have seen an influx of Internet-based courses offered to students by college institutions, a trend that may be able to compete with traditional methods of learning. Personally, I deem this development to be largely beneficial nevertheless some of its caveats.

    Ample reasons could support why it is beneficial, with the most notable one being the fact that online learning is not subject to geographical and time limitations. A great proportion of the students have part-time jobs in the daytime, of which traditional learning has proven to be inconvenient for them, for they have to reschedule their shifts and even their sleep times just to make way for the courses. However, this no longer poses a problem with e-learning— students could watch the pre-recorded courses whenever as they please, proving to be quite convenient. Also, online courses have greatly reduced prices in comparison with traditional ones.
    While a programming course may cost up to $600 in institutes, the same content is available on the web for just a fraction of the price of $30, thanks to the cut cost of hiring lecturers and rent of the facilities. As such, receiving an education is no longer a burden for individuals, yet again proving its benefits for people.

    Alas, there are a few drawbacks to this form of education. Countless incidents of students reporting technical difficulties have raised since its implementation, with the most frequent problem being bad internet connectivity. The constant buffering would greatly obstruct listeners from effectively acquiring information from professors in live courses, of which face-to-face learning does not suffer from this issue. Furthermore, online learning renders it impossible for the lecturers to know whether the students are paying attention. For people with little self-control, these courses are as good as nothing— they could simply leave the computer on and no one would ever notice. Therefore, the eligibility of online certificates is still under question, as to whether learners have acquired the knowledge taught is uncertain.

    In sum, though having some drawbacks, online learning is still a largely beneficial development.

    I know that my work is rather trash but please take some time and score this essay if possible. Thank you.

  3. Max Mara says:

    With the continuous development of urbanization, the trend of living either alone or in nuclear families has gradually been accepted by the young working generation. However, by no means is this a positive trend, and I will elaborate on the reasons supporting my argument in this essay.

    Admittedly, we cannot deny one merit that the trend would bring; less financial burdens on these people. One of the most well-known characteristics of contemporary cities would be the skyrocketing housing expenses, with the rents taking up a significant portion of individuals’ income. Ergo the benefits of having a compacted family—they are given the option to rent a smaller house and pay less rent. In contrast, living with a clustered family would require renting a large house, which is rarely affordable for common salarymen. Therefore, such a trend may be somewhat beneficial to these people.

    However tempting living in nuclear families or alone may sound, it is still worth noting that by choosing such lifestyles people are essentially forfeiting the bonds with their parents. It has already been proven by several authoritative studies that living alone would lead to increased feelings of loneliness, for neither do they have anyone to talk to when they are stressed out by work, nor are they cared for by their loved ones when they have fallen ill. Long in time, this will result in severe depression and even suicidal behaviors. The detrimental effects would even take their toll on children, as they are most definitely left alone in daycare centers by their working parents. They are always absent when their kid needs them the most, which could further damage the parent-child relationship. The support provided by loving grandparents is simply irreplaceable with the so-called support provided by daycare facilities.

    In sum, the trend is, by all means, a negative development. People should never seek meager financial advantages at the expense of their emotional well-being or their future offsprings.

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