Transport Modes In A European City | IELTS Report Sample

The following bar chart shows the different modes of transport used to travel to and from work in one European city in 1960, 1980 and 2000.

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Band 7.5 IELTS report sample

The given bar chart illustrates the different methods of transport that people adopted in daily life in a particular European city in 1960, 1980 and 2000. Overall, walking to work, taking buses and driving cars were the most favored transport means in 1960, 1980 and 2000 respectively.

In 1960, only about 5% of travellers used cars for commuting. By 2000, as much as 35% of the people were using cars. By contrast, the popularity of bike and commuting on foot witnessed drastic fall over the given period. While 25% of the travellers rode to work in 1960, that figure dropped to 20% in 1980 and by 2000, it had plummeted to 5%. A large number of people (34%) chose walking to work in in 1960 and their proportion decreased to only 9% in 2000.

Last but not least, the percentage / proportion of of bus passengers fluctuated over the 40 years period. While in 1960, buses carried 25% of the passengers, in 2000 only about 15% of them used this mode of transport.

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