Transition Words Used To Express Contrast

The following transition words and phrases can be used to introduce an idea that contrasts with the idea mentioned before.

  • On the other hand
  • While
  • Whereas
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • In spite of this
  • Still
  • Yet


  • Janet is not very articulate. On the other hand, her sister is quite good at expressing her views.
  • While some people support a ban on firecrackers, others disagree with that view.
  • Some people want a new system; however, not everybody agrees. (Put a full stop or a semicolon before however; put a comma after however)
  • He faced several setbacks; nevertheless, he didn’t lose hope. (Put a full stop or a semicolon before nevertheless; put a comma after nevertheless)
  • I like to spend weekends at home whereas my wife prefers to go out.
  • While I loved the novelty of the idea, I was not convinced of its feasibility.
  • She was the most deserving candidate; yet, she didn’t get the job.
  • There was little chance of success; still, they didn’t give up hope.

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