Traffic Jams Bring A Lot Of Problems To Our Life | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Traffic jams bring a lot of problems to our life. How do you think individuals can solve it?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Traffic congestion has become a common trouble almost every city has to confront with. Overpopulation is the main cause of this disturbing phenomenon and it brings inconvenience to citizens’ life. In order to solve this problem, every citizen should make a sincere effort.

Traffic jams are caused when there are too many vehicles on the road at the same time. The most effective way to reduce traffic on roads is to promote public transport. If more people commute to their work using buses or trains, there will be an obvious reduction in the number of private cars on the road. Buses and train can transport a lot more people than cars and this will prevent traffic jams to a greater extent. Of course, this might inconvenience commuters but people need to realize that they are doing this for the greater good.

Another measure that citizens can take is carpooling. They can take turns driving one another to work. With fewer commuters traveling alone, there will be fewer vehicles on road and the road system can be used more efficiently, especially in peak hours. People also need to avoid unnecessary traveling. These days, it is possible to pay utility bills and taxes online and there is no need for people to travel to these offices to pay their dues. In addition, those who jobs that can be done at home should check with their employer to see if they can telecommute.

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In conclusion, there are lots of things that regular people can do reduce traffic jams. The most important ones are to limit the use of their private cars and avoid unnecessary traveling.

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