Traditional Schooling Is Out Of Date, Boring And Stifles A Child’s Natural Talents | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Traditional schooling is out of date, boring and stifles a child’s natural talents, various professionals have pushed for an education revolution. Are there alternatives in the education system? Is traditional education doing more harm than good?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is commonly believed by educational experts that the old methods of schooling have become inefficient / ineffective and do not nurture a child’s talent; in their opinion, there is a need for change in the way school functions. I agree with this view because schools fail to prepare kids to face real-world challenges as they give more importance to examinations.

The educational institutions set the fundamentals in a child’s learning and development. For a long time, schools have been following the same methods and practices which do not help in the growth of the child. Gone are the days when only the highly educated were valued in the society and in job markets. Today, there are a plethora of job fields that require talented and creative people and therefore our system should restructure their syllabus and ways of educating to give equal importance to talent and personality development.

For years, teaching methods have taught kids to mug-up concepts without giving them in-depth knowledge of subjects. Moreover, it does not involve any practical learning and other necessary skill developments like presentation, communication, and time management. For example, a survey conducted on LinkedIn, reported that many of the youngsters blame the education system for poor performance in their interviews. While they have technical knowledge they fail to communicate effectively and confidently, resulting in the interviewer questioning their abilities. Thus, it is crucial that along with education the board should introduce subjects and methods of teaching which focus on necessary skills enhancement.  

To conclude, I completely agree with the argument that our current school system is highly exam centric and does not focus on the all-round development of kids for their future prospects. I hope in future, the Board Of Education will introduce a system that focuses on the holistic growth of the child.  

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