Topic card: Describe a city or town you enjoyed visiting

The second part of the IELTS Speaking Test lasts three to four minutes. The examiner will give you a topic card. You will be given one minute to prepare your answer. You can make notes if you want to. Then the examiner will ask you to speak about the topic for one to two minutes.

Here is a sample question.

Topic card

Describe a city or town you have enjoyed visiting. You should say:

When you visited the town or the city

What you did there?

How long you stayed there.

Also explain why you enjoyed the visit.

Sample response

Candidate: I am not a frequent traveler and haven’t visited many cities. But among the few cities that I have visited, the one that I really liked was Singapore. Singapore is clean, green and safe. It is the cleanliest city I have seen in my life. I have a cousin who works in Singapore. When he came home last year, he invited me to Singapore. I readily agreed because he was willing to bear the whole expenses of the trip. When I arrived in Singapore I was quite impressed with the way the city looked. The streets were incredibly clean and I couldn’t spot even one ugly-looking building. During my stay in Singapore, I did some shopping and visited places like the Singapore zoo and botanic garden. My cousin also took me to the Universal Studios in Singapore. The public transport system in Singapore is pretty reliable. You don’t have to spend hours waiting for buses or trains. People are warm and friendly. Another thing that I liked about Singapore is its multi-cultural nature. During the ten days that I spent in Singapore I came across people from many different nations. The city is lively even after the sun goes down. People are always walking in the streets making you feel safe. Many shops are open 24 hours. I spent only ten days in Singapore but I would have liked to stay longer.

After you talk the examiner might ask you one or two brief questions about the topic.

Examiner: Would you like to visit the place again?

Candidate: Of course, I would like to visit Singapore again and again. I might even consider finding a job in that city.

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