Today, TV Channels Provide Man’s Sports Show More Than Women’s Sport Show | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Today, TV channels provide men’s sport show more than women’s sport show. Why? Should TV channel give equal time for women’s sport and men’s sport?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays there is an imbalance in the proportion of television shows on men’s sport and women’s sport. Significantly more time is dedicated to showing men’s sports than women’s sport. In this essay, I will speculate the reasons behind the phenomenon and argue that television should allocate equal time to show both male and female sports.

Allocating more screen time for men’s sport than women’s sport can be explained by gender stereotype. When people think of sports, words such as strength, muscularity and agility will come up in their minds and those words are typically associated with men. Consequently, some people still hold the belief that some sports are limited to men and are not suitable for women. For example, Chinese people insist that women should be gentle, modest and tender and should not be involved in brutal sports such as hockey and football. When fewer women participate in various sports, there are fewer events to show on TV.

I believe that television should allocate the same amount of time to show both genders’ sports) Firstly, this will help in overcoming gender stereotype. When exposed to more women’s sports, people will gradually change their perceptions that women are always weaker than men and realize that they are capable of playing sports as well as men. It helps to promote an equal stance of men and women. Secondly, it also helps to promote a healthy message to the public. Exposure on television channels is the key to heightening people’s awareness of the health benefits of good health. Since television has a large audience reach, it will motivate more people, particularly women to exercise and thus improve their health.

Uneven distribution of screen time for men’s sport and women’s sport can be attributed to gender stereotype. To break age old beliefs and encourage people to exercise, equal time should be given for showing both genders’ sport activities on television.

Today, TV channels broadcast more men’s sport shows than women’s sport shows – Band 7 essay sample 2

There are a host of reasons behind the dominance of sports programs featuring men on TV. Firstly, many people, especially those in Asian countries, hold a belief that women’s roles are confined to housework and childcare; therefore, female participation in sports is discouraged in these nations. As a result, there are very few female competitions for people to watch and join, leaving just programs for men on TV. Secondly, male sports seem more aggressive and attract more viewers, which could generate more profits for program producers. Hence, they tend to be biased towards male ones. For example, during male football leagues such as World Cup, many cafes and restaurants feature it to draw more customers, but they hardly ever screen women’s world cup.

These days, more male sports shows are aired on television than female sports shows possibly due to the old-fashioned prejudices against women and the lack of confidence in their physical prowess. However, I think the amount of time given for airing sports shows featuring women should be the same as or at least similar to what is given to their male counterparts.

Nevertheless, I strongly believe that TV channels should provide equal coverage for each gender’s programs. This is because it helps beat many prejudices against women eliminating the sense of inferiority among women of all ages. Thus, they can confidently express their talents in the sports field and have more achievements. In terms of the societal level, having more sports programs for females on TV can promote gender equality. This can help women to have an equal opportunity to take part in these athletic activities and bring more talents to the community.

In conclusion, there are some justifications for the tendency to air more male sports shows on TV, and I am convinced that it is necessary to ensure female ones have equivalent coverage due to the reasons mentioned.

Today, TV channels broadcast more men’s sport shows than women’s sport shows – Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

Nowadays, channels on TV have a tendency to telecast more sport shows featuring men than women. There are numerous reasons leading to this preference for male shows and in my opinion both men’s and women’s sports shows should receive equal importance.

There are certain reasons for this bias. Firstly, ever since the beginning of time, men have shown various features proving that they are superior to women in physical strength. Even though there are some exceptions, this fact is incapable of being denied. Since sport is mainly a demonstration of physical prowess more men than women play it. So, obviously, there are more sports shows featuring men than women. Moreover, it is undeniable that men’s sports shows attract a bigger audience than those of women. There are several examples for this, such as the Euro Cup or the World Cup. Consequently, more similar shows and events are produced in an attempt to gain profits.

However, such inequality must be put an end to at once. The number of women taking part in these activities is admittedly small, yet they experience the same endurance and hardships that men have to face; hence equal coverage of shows of both sexes is necessary in order to support and praise the contribution of sportswomen. Additionally, recognition for their work also means aiding the fight for women’s rights.

To sum up, the lack of balance in time allotted for male and female sports shows is mainly a reflection of the superior strength of men and the taste of audience. However, this is not fair to female sportspersons and hence it should be stopped to encourage more women to pursue a career in sports.

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  1. Afrin says:

    A person’s worth nowadays seems to be judged according to social status and material possessions. Old-fashioned values, such as honor, kindness and trust,no longer seem important.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion? Give reasons for youranswer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.

    These days, human being’s value is assessed by their fame and wealth. Gone are the days where belief, politeness, and respect were considered as morals and these are no longer vital in the current society. I completely agree with this statement and shall discuss in the forthcoming paragraphs.

    To commence with, people are highly respected and judged only if they belong to high status and possess quality things such as Car, gold, bungalow, etc. This is because social status enriches their lifestyle and also able to achieve recognition in the minds of the community. Nowadays, masses educate themselves in order to acquire a high-paid job and a lavish standard of living. This is the perception that if one has money and prosperity, then only they are considered as a successful person irrespective of honor and integrity. For example, a recent survey conducted among all the age-groups of people, it was found that 75% of the population desires to be a famous personality as this quality is judged as a Superior.

    Moreover, many advertising companies prefer famous celebrities and sportspersons to advertise their products. This enables numerous customers to buy commodities as it is promoted by well-known individuals. Consequently, sales increases and endorsed actors will be paid better. All these could be possible because of social status and recognition. For instance, in my country, India, special management admissions in the college is allocated to the children of the high-society group.

    In conclusion, I firmly reckon that in this contemporary era value of humankind is judged by the fame and wealth of an individual.
    259 words

  2. Safari says:

    The only way to solve the increasing crime rate of young offenders is to teach parents better parenting skills. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    It is a fact that the young offender’s crime increasing dramatically nowadays. Although parents have a very important part in nurturing their children in a correct way, in my opinion other steps also should be taken to tackle the issue.

    Obviously, parents are the first role model for their children. Children learn a lot from their parents. They try to imitate whatever their parents do. For example, if parents smoke cigarette, their kids also try to pretend smoking cigarette. The parents should watch out their behaviour. Even their way of speaking influence children. Therefore, they should speak politely in front of the kids. Another thing which should be categorized by parents is TV. Many of TV programs are not suitable for children. Parents should be taught how to control their kids especially adolescents.

    On the other hand, apart from parents, government should do necessary action to reduce the teenage crime rates. They should control internet for any kind of content which can be led to the violation. Furthermore, television programs should be checked by government authorities for any kind of violent and other content which are not appropriate for children. For instance, TV programs and movies should be labelled for different age group. Finally, both parents and society have to take their responsibility about children to help them live in a safe environment.

    In conclusion, parents play an important role in children’s life. Although they are responsible for whatever activities kids do, I believe that other steps should be taken to reduce the youth crime rate.

  3. Safari says:

    All over the world, the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. What problems does this cause? How can we overcome the problems of poverty?

    It is true that, in all over the world, especially in poverty stricken society, the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. This essay is going to examine the causes and solutions.

    The gap between rich people and poor individuals in a society leads to a great deal of crimes and is not beneficial for both the rich and the poor. Generally, the one who has no income or an insufficient salary, struggles for daily vital requirements. In order to cover the expenses, they commit several crimes such as snatching, drug dealing, kidnapping and so on. Furthermore, the children of poorer family may be humiliated by richer children at school. These children lose their self confidence and can not concentrate on the educational programs. consequently, owing to lack of proper education, they may not be able to find appropriate job in their future life.

    There are several steps can be taken by government to tackle the issue. Firstly, the tax law should be based on every member of public’s income. That means, more income should pay more tax. For example, the one who earns the minimum should be tax exempted. Secondly, the assets should not be exceeded to a certain level. If it happens, it should be taken from the wealthy and spend on public facilities and expansion. Last but not least, the governments should give fair job opportunities to people. A percentage of seats should be reserved in schools, colleges and work places for the poor people.

    In conclusion, the gap between the rich and the poor detriments for both sides and the steps should be taken by governments to tackle this problem.

  4. Safari says:

    Women will play an increasingly important role at workplace in future. But this may disturb their family lives. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    It is true that the women will play an increasingly important role at the workplaces in the future. Although many people argue that this may disturb their family lives, I strongly disagree with this argument.

    On one hand, there are several reasons that the number of women, which are occupying the job positions are increasing. Firstly, with the proper and balanced education, women improve their qualifications. Thus, they are able to do the same task as men for many work orders. For example, in the past, many positions such as management positions were dedicated for men only, but nowadays it is shared with both gender and in some cases women outweigh the men. Secondly, many duties need especial patient to carry out the task. Since women are more patient than men, they can do the job more accurately. Finally, owing to human rights, society willing to give a balanced opportunity to the both genders.

    On the other hand, traditionally, women work at home and men work out of the house. However, many men still oppose women to be a breadwinner, but it should be shared between both genders. Moreover, apart from delivering a child, women have especial abilities in bringing up the children which cannot be found in men. In addition, women are not suitable for many kinds of jobs. For instance, the majority of handiworks should be carried out by men owing to physical differences between men and women.

    In conclusion, while women’s roles increase in the workplace, but they should make balanced between family issues and career issues.

  5. Rahul says:

    In some countries, people follow the latest fashion and hairstyles. In your opinion, what is influencing this? Is this a good or bad thing?

    Fashion plays an important role in our society. And, over the last couple of decades, people have become fashion conscious. The main reason for this trend is first, globalization of designer labels and second, celebrities endorsement on social media, which I feel leaves a negative effect on our mental well-being and personal finances.

    As the world is becoming a global village and, easy access to brands, people are buying never than before. Young people want to look different and successful. Hence, the latest fashion and hairstyles are in trend. But, how can this hurt mental health? Well, when people try to idolize celebs, they become a victim of identity crises, which leads to a mental health issue. For instance, one of my friend, who became so obsessed with Bollywood actor style, lost his personality, resulting in a mental breakdown.

    Following the latest fashion means spending a huge amount on the latest clothes. As the trend keeps on changing, buyers drain lots of money on things they do not require. Therefore, people run out of their budget before their salary, ending in a vicious circle of debt. For example, a friend of mine spends a large chunk of his salary purchasing branded clothes, which eventually, gets out of fashion becoming outdated next year. Hence, he never saves his money for an unprecedented event.

    In conclusion, the practice of following the latest fashion under the influence of celebrities should be discouraged, as it does not just lead to mental breakdown/identity crises, also, impact on the individual pocket.

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