Today More And More Tourists Are Visiting Places Where Conditions Are Difficult | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

Today more and more tourists are visiting places where conditions are difficult, such as the Sahara Desert or the Antarctic. What are the benefits and disadvantages for tourists who visit such places?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

In recent times, the trend of visiting the places having unfavourable conditions has been rising among the people; therefore, the areas like Sahara Desert and Antarctic are witnessing a surge in the number of visitors. This approach has various pros and cons which are discussed in the following paragraphs.

On the positive side, as people today are becoming very curious about the unexplored world, going there satisfied their quest and provides them adventurous experience. People get a glimpse of the world’s rarest wildlife that no zoo or aquarium can ever replicate, as well as enjoy many thrilling sports such as desert safari, hiking or skiing there. In addition, these excursions are becoming base for numerous scientific researches to explore new possibilities and resources for the progress of mankind. Last year, a group of scientists on their visit to the Himalayas found a treasure of herbs which are proving very effective in the treatment of cancer and brain tumor.

On the flip side, these inaccessible locations generally have very harsh weather conditions such as snow-storms, landslides, and heavy rainfalls, which are hazardous for the survival of human beings. Moreover, the lack of roads and means of transportation make it very difficult to provide medical support on time in emergency situations. Recently, due to cloudburst on the mountains of Himalaya, a group of mountaineers lost the lives of many of its members, but others who survived the storm could not be saved owing to unavailability of first aid and eatables.

To conclude, trips to unfamiliar territories with difficult living conditions entice masses with thrilling amusement opportunities. At the same time these trips are risk-filled and a threat to human life.

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