Today Family Members Eat Fewer Meals Together | Band 7 IELTS Essay Sample

Today family members eat fewer meals together. Why is this? Is it a positive or negative trend?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

Big families and joint families with strong bonding among members appear to be the thing of the past. Nowadays, nuclear families with not more than couple of children are the norm and they are so driven by the fast paced life that they spend fewer quality time among themselves that the families of the past. Let us examine the cause for this shift where the members do not even have time to sit together for a meal.

First and foremost, urbanization has attracted many young couples to move to the city and they build their family. As the children grow up, the expenditure of the family increases which compels the parents to work more. More hours at job combined with commute time, to and from work, leaves parents with fewer hours with their children. The time at home is also spent on daily chores and children too are busy with activities regarding their education. To spend a quality time at the dinner table together in such a household is near to impossible.

The other recent development is excessive need to use technology, either for entertainment or for education and professional work. Every member of the family wants to spend their leisure time browsing through social media. They usually spend time alone with their gadgets and they are so addicted to internet or gaming that they even eat alone. It at all they sit together to eat they tend to use mobile phones and they are so engrossed in them that they rarely pay attention to what is said at the dinner table.

In this fast paced and competitive life, family meals with all sitting together are rare which use to be the only time everyone is at one place, talking and sharing about their day. Technology and social medias have also driven them further apart. It will probably continue and families tend to loose that strong bond resulting in psychological stress due to lack of support system.

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