To What Extent Do You Think The Government Should Be Held Responsible When Problems Of Homelessness And Unemployment Arise

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Lack of homes and jobs are problems that plague many countries around the world. Some people argue that the government is responsible for such problems. I agree with this view to a great extent.

In democratic countries, the government is responsible for ensuring the well-being of their people. People elect their representatives hoping that they will take care of their needs. Since homes and jobs are among the basic needs of the people, the government is certainly responsible for that. An efficient administration can do a lot of things to create enough jobs for all the people. For example, it can provide education to improve the employability of people. It can offer loans to help them build their own businesses. It can also run many enterprises on its own and employ people. If we take a look at the most developed countries in the world, we can see that there are very few jobless and homeless people there. That means if the administration is efficient it is possible to create enough jobs for people. Once jobs are created, the problem of homelessness will resolve on its own. Employed people can earn enough to build a home for themselves and their families.

Even so, I do not believe that the government is the only body responsible for the growth and development of a country. The people are equally responsible especially in a democratic country. In a democracy people elect their government. If they do this without any bias, they will have able administrators who can propel the country to growth. Oftentimes, in India, it is quite common for people to elect corrupt and dishonest people to offices of power. Many people only consider caste, religion or other vested interests when they vote and thus they get rulers who do not care for the development of the country. Obviously, people are also responsible for the problems affecting their country.

In conclusion, I believe that the government is certainly responsible for the problems affecting a country; having said that, people who elect the government also have to take some of the blame because the main problem plaguing the country is their inability to choose the right government.

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