These Days Some People Spend A Lot Of Money On Tickets To Go To Sporting Events | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

These days some people spend a lot of money on tickets to go to sporting or cultural events. Do you think this is a positive or negative development?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

It is widely acknowledged that cultural events play an indispensable role in some individual’s life. In order to attend those events some people spend a huge amount of money on tickets. In my opinion, this kind of activity is definitely a good practice.

One good reason for this is that such cultural and sporting events help many individuals to get away from vicious things like work pressure and stress. In other words, in this modern developing world, people are busy with their hectic work schedules and are completely occupied with work targets and project deadlines. The only medium for some individuals to escape the stress and pressure are sports and cultural programmes. This is particularly true in the developing and developed nations. Furthermore, there are many proven medical examples where cultural events worked as a therapy for many health issues.

Another point to consider is that by attending these events individuals learn to respect different cultures and sports around the globe. For example, when people travel to another country to attend a cultural event, they automatically start to love and respect the culture and some of them may even adopt it. Additionally, this helps to form healthy relations between two different categories.

Finally, in this 21st century tourism industry is one of major sources of income for many countries. Among various factors cultural and sports festivals are the major ones to encourage tourism. Major sporting events like Olympics or World Cup generate billions of dollars in revenue and also create tens of thousands of jobs. Obviously, such events give a major boost to world economy.

To conclude, I believe that people spending money to attend cultural and sporting events is a positive development, especially in this developing world. This not only helps the individual but also enables to form a well-rounded society.

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