These Days, People Work In More Than One Job

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Job hopping is quite popular among young employees. Earlier people used to stay in the same job for their entire career, but generation X and Y are constantly changing their jobs. This certainly makes their career path more adventurous; however, there are also some significant downsides to this practice.

Let’s start with the advantages. One major plus point of changing jobs every few years is that the employee gets a ton of experience and a fresh perspective on things. This is because they get to see the inner workings of various companies and learn from their best practices and work ethics. In addition, someone who has worked in a number of organizations will certainly have a large network and it is definitely an asset.

On the other hand, an employee who is constantly changing jobs may appear less attractive to employers. They may consider a job hopper as a high risk employee who is unlikely to return much on their investment in training. Another disadvantage of this practice is that it increases a person’s risk of getting laid off. During crises, employers often stick to the employees who show loyalty to them and are working with them for many years, as they are more dependable and have more company-specific knowledge.

In conclusion, changing jobs frequently helps a person gain experience in diverse fields and build a larger and more resourceful network. However, this practice also increases their risk of losing employment during tough times. Even so, personally, I believe that the pros of job hopping outweigh the cons depending on the reasons for doing it.

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