These Days People Change Careers Several Times During Their Life | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

These days, people change careers several times during their life. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

The trend of switching jobs has gained popularity in recent times. In this essay, I will discuss both the benefits and drawbacks of this trend / change.

To begin with the positives, a significant advantage is that people gain a wide range of experience when they change jobs. This is because they get exposed to new technologies, working culture and operational models used in different companies. As a result, they obtain diverse knowledge. Besides gaining experience, they may get a steep hike in their salary when they accept a new offer.  While it is possible to get a rise while working in the same company, it is usually negligible compared to what they get when join a new company. This can be illustrated by the fact that organisations usually give around 2-5% increment to their current employees. However, they offer around 8-10% hike to workers joining them from another company.

Nevertheless, changing companies frequently does have some serious drawbacks, the most obvious of which is the necessity to prove themselves. They might be a valuable resource in their previous company but to win the trust of senior members of the organization and gain the same status in the new company, they need to really work hard during their initial years. This can often result in frustration. Another crucial demerit of this trend is that these people need to wait longer for becoming part of management since most of the top positions are usually occupied by employees who have a long association with the company.

To sum up, despite the fact that changing jobs may enable people to earn higher salaries and gain diverse experience, it has its downsides worth considering. People who switch jobs frequently have to prove themselves again and again and also wait longer for a promotion.

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2 Responses

  1. Rafia Zaidi says:

    Many people prefer to stay in the same type of work all their life, whereas others prefer to change the type of work. Discuss both sides and state your own opinion.
    Different people have different views about selection of career and making progress in it. Some people like to change their job many times during their lifetime. While, others find more satisfaction in sticking to same type of career their whole life. Both approaches have some benefits; however, in my opinion switching careers is more beneficial for a successful life.
    Staying in a single career has several advantages. Firstly, there are many chances of promotion due to longevity of services. For instance, a person working for an organization from twelve to fifteen years, will gain expertise in specific type of work and there are fine chances that he will progress to a higher rank and enjoy all the authorities and facilities offered to that rank. Secondly, people start feeling comfortable with their colleagues and other workers when they are working together for a long time. This brings stability in their career as well as in their personal life.
    On the contrary, job hopping has its own benefits. First of all, people get a wide exposure. When a person changes his career, for example, many times then by this he gets a chance to learn different things by experiencing different working environments and it helps him to grow as a professional and as well as in person. Furthermore, people get a vast skill set which helps them to find a job that makes a perfect match for their physical, mental and financial needs. In addition, studies show that this also helps people to accept changes in their life more easily and thus making their personality more flexible, which is very important for having a successful and prosperous life.
    To sum up, without any doubt there are many merits of having a single career but the benefits of switching professions outweigh them. Changing career or work type makes a person more diversified and flexible, which are essential traits in one’s personality. (318 words)

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