There Should Be Strict Laws To Control Noise Pollution | Band 9 IELTS Essay Sample

Some people think that there should be strict laws to control the amount of noise a person makes because of the disturbance it causes to people.

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Band 9 IELTS essay sample

Noise pollution disturbs the general population and hence some people insist that there should be strict regulations to control the amount of noise an individual can create. In my opinion, there are several advantages to enacting these kinds of laws; there are an equal number of disadvantages too.

Noise pollution has become a major issue in some of the cities around the world. If there are laws to reduce the noise levels, the public will benefit in many ways. Firstly, enacting strict laws to control the noise levels could improve the productivity of the general population because it enables them to get restful, undisturbed sleep which is important for their overall health and concentration levels. It goes without saying that blaring music at late night parties disturb the entire neighourhood and deprive them of the much needed sleep. If there are strict laws to control the menace, noise pollution will reduce dramatically.

On the flip side, enacting laws alone will not help. The government will have to form special squads to ensure that noise levels are within the permitted limits. Making do with the existing forces is not a viable solution because emergency police personnel cannot be summoned to stop a late night party just because it has exceeded the noise limits. Formation of such squads can be a burden on the exchequer and consequently, the government will have less money to spend on more serious issues like crime and violence. Another thing to consider is the impact of such laws on festivals and cultural celebrations. The truth is that festivals are a major cause of noise pollution. But taking measures like imposing a ban on noisy fire crackers or percussion instruments can make these occasions less lively and vibrant. This may have a negative impact on the culture.

In conclusion, it is important for the authorities to enact laws to control noise pollution. However, certain exceptions have to be made to ensure that celebrations are not marred.

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