There Seems To Be An Increasing Number Of Serious Crimes Being Committed Each Year

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Over the years there has been a dramatic increase in the number of serious crimes being committed. While some people are of the opinion that capital punishment is the best way to tackle this problem, others disagree. In other opinion, other measures are required to reduce the crime rates. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument in detail.

Capital punishment will certainly deter at least some people from committing heinous crimes. For example, a study in the US found that the rate of serious crimes in states that implement capital punishment is considerably lower than the crime rate in states that do not have capital punishment. This is clearly an indication that people are afraid of getting executed and that fear helps to reduce the crime rate.

However, capital punishment alone will not reduce the crime rates. If that was the case, then most countries should be free of serious crimes now because death penalty is still given in the majority of developed and developing countries. Therefore, the argument that other measures are also required to reduce crime certainly holds water.

One of the main reasons of increasing crime rates is the easy access to firearms. For example, many countries have liberal laws that allow almost everyone to own firearms. Crime rates are certainly high in countries like the United States in spite of the fact that they have an efficient penal system. If the US restricted the possession of guns, perhaps that alone would reduce the crime rates in that country. The government also needs to investigate the factors that compel people to commit crimes. In poor and developing nations poverty and unemployment are the main causes of increasing crime rates. If the government creates more jobs, the crime rate will automatically reduce.

In conclusion, there are several reasons behind increasing crime rates. Although some people insist that death penalty is the best way to tackle the problem, I agree with the argument that other measures are also required.

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