There Is No Need For Print Newspapers. Do you Agree?

Some people say there is no need for print newspapers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7 IELTS essay sample

With the increasing popularity of new age / electronic media, traditional newspapers seem less appealing and unnecessary to many people. I believe that this trend is inevitable; however, it does not mean that print media has become redundant.

As technology has developed at an astounding pace, a considerable number of people have gadgets, such as mobile phones and the computers, which allow them to find information at any time, so fewer people read print newspapers today. If they want to check what is happening around the world, what they need to do is to just press some buttons on their screen. This way of accessing news has many advantages over reading print newspapers in terms of time efficiency and convenience, and that is why most modern people are no longer big fans of print newspapers.

Another reason why print newspapers are no longer needed is that their presentation of information is monotonous while the various functions of the digital news are more engaging and personalized. The discussion board of news online provides viewers with opportunities to exchange their ideas about how they perceive the news events; with notifications of digital news, subscribers can be well informed of the most updated information, so they will not miss any important news reports. All these features cannot be found in print newspapers because they just display information with texts and photographs.

On the other hand, reading newspapers in a traditional way may be preferred by some people, as print newspapers are more authoritative in terms of the authenticity of information. To publish an issue of newspaper, it involves a series of processes such as journalists collecting information on spot and editors proofreading reports multiple times. These vigorous steps greatly ensure the reliability of news. By contrast, much of online news is not true because each internet user is able to publish news and make it go it go viral. Readers of this kind of fault information will be misled.

In conclusion, print newspapers are still needed because of their inherent merits that online media lack. They are a reliable source of news and information. They may lack the versatility of online media but that does not mean that they are not needed.

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