There Are Too Many People On This Planet, So It Is Logical To Look For Other Planets To Colonise | Band 8 IELTS Essay Sample

There are too many people on this planet, so it is logical to look for other planets to colonise. Is the colonisation of space the answer to overpopulation?

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Band 8 IELTS essay sample

Undoubtedly, there has been a population explosion over the past few decades and the bomb continues to tick. Some people think that; use the active voice inhabiting another planet is a rational approach in order to deal with this problem. In my opinion, there are better plausible solutions to handle overpopulation.

Admittedly, scientists have always been curious about / intrigued by the possibility of life on a different planet other than earth. However, the consequences of permanently making another planet one’s abode should be scrutinized from various angles. Firstly, long term effects on human beings are unknown yet which could possibly be disastrous. For example, uncontrolled exposure to several existing harmful radiations in space could lead to multiple health issues later. Secondly, the impact on the environment of the new planet could be disheartening in due course. As it is, environmental issues on earth are quite overwhelming. Depletion of resources, deforestation, soil erosion, air pollution and extinction of several species are just some of the consequences of human activity on the planet. Lastly, the geopolitical complications should also be pondered upon. In the present scenario we are only dealing with issues between countries but in future there could be wars between planets. This once again would be catastrophic for human race.

As far as solutions to overpopulation are concerned, the foremost step is to educate people. Sensitizing people about the adverse impact of uncontrolled population growth is mandatory. As per WHO, the rate of population growth is inversely proportional to the level of literacy. This is more relevant to the developing and underdeveloped nations. Secondly, the government should enforce stringent laws to curb population growth. For example, it should enforce the two child norm, provide incentives to small families and withdraw certain perks to families that have more than two children. China, for instance, is a brilliant example where one child norm was followed diligently for a period of time.

To conclude, exploring space to discover a life on another planet may serve a greater purpose and should definitely be pursued but not as a solution to overpopulation. However, overpopulation is a matter of serious concern. Therefore, it must be controlled as early as possible using all our wisdom and more importantly by taking a collective responsibility.

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