There Are Social, Medical And Technical Problems Associated With The Use Of Mobile Phones | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

There are social, medical and technical problems associated with the use of mobile phones. What forms do they take? Do you agree that the problems outweigh the benefits of mobile phones?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

New developments in the field of technology have revolutionized our lives tremendously. These have both positive and negative impacts. One such invention is the mobile phone. It has become an extremely important part of our lifestyle. Some people claim that owning a mobile phone causes social, technical as well as health issues. However, I believe that having a mobile phone has plenty of benefits which outweigh the disadvantages. This essay takes a look at both sides of the argument.

Firstly, the mobile phones are one of the most commonly used gadgets globally. Cell phones allow us to stay in contact with our family and friends through messages and calls. They have minimized the distance between people. Now, we are able to communicate with our family no matter where we are. We can listen to their voices as well as see them through video calls. Secondly, mobile phones provide us an opportunity to make friends globally by using certain social media websites like Facebook and Instagram. This helps us to discover different cultures. Thirdly, cell phone is a very beneficial invention for students. They can get homework help online within seconds. Also, mobile phones keep them up to date with current affairs and new inventions.

On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages to mobile phones. Excessive use of mobile phones can affect our eyesight as well as cause mental stress. Moreover, these days, we are addicted to cell phones and cannot give proper time to our families. Also our social interactions have reduced and now we only greet our friends through mobile phones.

To conclude, there are plenty of benefits to having a mobile phone. However, everyone should limit their use of the mobile phone so that their health is not affected and they can give proper time to their families.

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2 Responses

  1. naveen says:

    Mobile phones have become an irreplaceable parts of our life. However, many people believes that it pave path for many drawbacks with respect to health, social life and on technical front itself. In my opinion, there are few disadvantages in mobile phone usage but the numerous benefits can outweigh it.

    Firstly, mobile phones are devices which can place the entire globe right at your palm. Everyone is just one click away from what they need. It created impact on everyones life despite their age group. These smart screen devices are being used by the younger generation primarily to connect with everyone round the clock. For instance, social media platforms permits them to stage their thought and emotions publicly. On the other hand, students are using mobiles to assist their academic matters. Even, these gadgets are often attracted by elderly people to pass time on their leisure. Secondly, people are using their phone for utility payments and for online shopping. Thus it saves time for an individual by avoid standing in a lengthy queue to pay an electricity bill.
    Hence, mobile comes with tremendous positive aspects and certainly made our lives effortless.

    Every technology has its own drawback and mobile phones are not an exception for it. Undoubtedly, excessive usage of smart screen devices can result in health hazards especially lifestyle diseases. Though it brings many pros, no one can deny the fact that it impact created on students and early age people. Apart from educational purposes, people are using mobile phones for online gaming and other entertainment activities. Due to their addictive nature, children are prone to develop stress related issues. As everyone is engaged with their phones, unknowingly they get isolated from social life. Mobile phones became part of our body and we completely rely on these devices to pass our day to day activities. So, even a single day absence can psychologically affect us.

    Having said that, In my opinion, i certainly believe that these electronic equipment made our life simpler and faster. Though there are many disadvantages, proper precautions and guidance can help utilise it at its full capacity.

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