The Youth Today Spends A Large Amount Of Their Leisure Time In Shopping Centers | Band 7.5 IELTS Essay Sample

The youth today spends a large amount of their leisure time in shopping centers. It is feared that this could have a negative influence on the youth and society. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample

In the consumer world we live in today, shopping malls have become the favorite destination for youngsters to spend most of their free time. It is widely believed that this practice will have detrimental consequences for both the youngsters and the society in general. I completely agree with this point of view and will discuss it in detail in this essay.

Spending a lot of time in shopping centers negatively affects the youth as it is a waste of time and money for them. Earlier, people used to spend time in activities such as sports and reading which benefitted their body or mind. Conversely, today’s youth spends their precious time in shopping centers, and this often encourages them to buy things which are unnecessary. Roaming around the malls does not do much good to one’s health. In addition, impulsive shopping often lands young people in severe financial crisis.

There are some negative impacts on the society as well. As the youths turn more materialistic, they end up buying things only to show off or to gain social media attention. This creates jealousy and envy among people and in many scenarios, they go out of the way to satisfy their materialistic needs. The youths who cannot afford this, sometimes choose the wrong path and engage in activities such as robbery and fraud. Thus, it creates a negative environment for the society overall.

In conclusion, it is unfortunate to see how today’s generation spend a huge amount of their valuable time in shopping centers. I fully agree with the argument that it negatively affects the youth financially and intellectually and leads to an unfortunate chain of events fueled by jealousy and peer pressure.

Band 7.5 IELTS essay sample 2

At present, spending time in shopping malls for leisure has become a trend among adults. Many people argue that this is not healthy at all for them due to the negative consequences. I do agree with this statement.

Without any reason, a large proportion of young people waste their time in shopping complexes. Most of the time, people spend their time in shopping mall just for nothing. They roam around for window shopping, meeting friends or having coffee. Sometimes, they skip their classes and other academic tasks just to visit the malls. A recent survey shows that much of the time that young people spend in malls is spent on idle pursuits without any productive outcome.

Also, when young people spend more time in malls, they are also more likely to engage in mindless shopping. This can lead to debt and excess production of waste. When youngsters hang out in malls, the more affluent among them may indulge in excessive shopping and this can hurt their poor peers. Consequently, those who cannot afford to find money for shopping may choose illegal means of earning money. This hurts the society as well. Hence, in my opinion, rather wasting time in malls, youngsters should engage in activities that benefit their health, relationships and career. For example, going to a library or playground or gymnasium will be much more useful than visiting a mall because it will help them in several ways for their future career development.

In conclusion, even though spending free time in shopping complexes is a growing trend among adults, this has many negative influences on them.  Therefore, young people should be encouraged to spend their leisure time in more meaningful ways.

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